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Luck&Lana Kill the Computer – “Bruh” (Video)

It would appear Living Legends co-founder Luckyiam has taken quite a liking to Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist/femcee Lana Shea. And why wouldn’t he? The two of them make a refreshing (if not pleasingly peculiar) hip-hop duo as Luck&Lana Kill the Computer, as seen in their latest music video single “Bruh” that dropped today.

Check it:

Now, we’re pretty familiar with Luckyiam as it is (LIVING LEGEND(S), enough said). Not so much with Lana Shea, though. Here’s some history:

Her Soundcloud page shows she’s been posting music there since 2012, most of which starts out as folksy acoustic originals and covers that she sings beautifully on. Sounds like a regular country, Americana-type artist at first listen. All of a sudden, we get to “Expression Session” on her very first-posted “Four and a Half Songs” mix, and we hear her spittin’ bars over a slow and heavy drum and bass beat. But spittin’ well, damn well actually.

As I crept further up on the page, the rap songs started multiplying – clearly she was prone to flows. Eventually, EDM made its way into the mix, and I quickly realized Luck had stumbled onto one hell of a versatile artist.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Although, I think it’d be fair to judge Lana on this incredibly dope cover of Living Legends’ “Another Day.” If that didn’t win over her new mentor in itself, then her sheer talent on and off the mic certainly did the trick.

Luck&Lana Kill the Computer already has one full EDM-hip-hop-infused project out (2013), which you can cop here. Their newest album, however, is dropping later this year. So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.



Fabian Garcia

April 28th, 2015

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