Snoop Dogg x Ace of Spades

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As I walked toward the venue on a crisp night in Sacramento, Ca the doors would open in approximately ten minutes, the line tripled the block in front of Ace of Spades where legendary west coast rapper Snoop Dogg would be taking the stage. This isn’t the first time Uncle Snoop has visited this city and if I was a new dweller in this town I would have thought so. This year Snoop brought along the EastSidaz, Dogg Pound and The LBC Movement.

I made my way to the entrance, copped my wrist band and off to the floor I went. First up on stage was a group from Oakland aptly name “Crew”, three young men ranging from eleven to early twenties that killed it for the opening act. I caught up with them after their performance and was amazed by the bars the littlest one enveloped. A bit shy, most likely from me being a woman inquiring about his gift, shared his love for hip hop with me and why he wants to succeed in rhyming. Then I spoke to the rest of the trio whose demeanor was professional and rather polite.

Next I hit the red bull bar and watched as the next performers finished their set, one just so happened to be Blade Brown. Blade has an album coming out soon but said it was top secret, stay tuned into for the release, I gotcha covered. Coming off a video shoot with Snoop Dogg and Lexz Pryde he shared with me their newest video which you can watch here->

The clock struck eleven, the place was groovin’ to the sounds of The EastSidaz showcasing songs from the early 2000’s, bringing back a bit of nostalgia for me but it wasn’t until The LBC Movement presented themselves on stage did the place light up. Snoop made his grand appearance reppin with his crew. Just a month ago, they dropped their first album title “Beach City” w/ DJ Drama and they brought that life to the stage. You see The LBC movement is comprised of over ten emcees all hailing from Long Beach. This group represents all side of the city and their affiliations, allow me to break them down. We have the East Side and North Side homies, the Insane Babies, The 20’s, Dirty Bird Gang, TOC and The West Side Rollin 80’s, this group has come together to end the non-seneschal differences to become one solid unit representing their Beach City. Willie Mammuth and Yung Zeke were a favorite, but every single one of them were phenomenal Don’t get it twisted they still bang and it was for sure a gangsta party inside Ace of Spades. Check the Video for Beach City here->

By the end of the night I was taken back to my early twenties via early Snoop, Tray Deee and Goldie Loc. Then refreshed to witness a movement as large as the Beach City squad all of which barred out blued up from the shoe up and the opening acts were superb. Over all Sacramento was given a great holiday gift, Music.

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Jacquie Yo

December 15th, 2015

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