The Mekanix x On My Hustle (Single Release)

The Mekanix via HipHopDX

The Mekanix via HipHopDX

When you think of who created the bay area sound whom comes to mind? Perhaps E40, Too Short, Ant Banks, Digital Underground or how about The Luniz, J Stalin, Philthy Rich, Beeda Weeda or even IamSu! If these kats popped up in your cranium, you’re on the right path. The production mastery came from a duo based out of Oakland whom took their beat making passions, meshed them together to build on to an already thriving sound that represented the bay adding to the heavy bass lines, mixed in some parliament funk flavor and a touch of Pete Rock and Dr. Dre influences to build the legacy of The Mekanix.

4 rAx (fka The Dotrix) and Tweed have been making music since the early 90’s and together as the Mekanix since 2000. They look at production like a mechanic. 4 rAx comes from a long line of mechanics as far back as his great great granddaddy. “I come from a long line of auto mechanics – my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, my uncle they were all mechanics. I feel like we are carrying on their legacy with our production; fixing up people’s music, making it run smoothly. Our beats are the engine for Bay Area Hip-Hop”.

4 rAx was a tour DJ for Digital Underground and still making beats before he met Tweed through a mutual friend, Numbskull of The Luniz. After that, it was literally history. Four years of taking the bay area by storm with their beats being a canvas for damn near every bay area artist of the time, before them met a young J Stalin. Stalin had the voice, talent and story of a true Oakland native, they produced his first album out of the High Street Studio “On Behalf of the Streets” which marks 10 years since the album dropped. Stalin isn’t the only one they are instrumental to bring up in the industry…Beeda Weeda, the Hittaz on the Payroll and Shady Nate.
I might have got away from why I bring these producing extraordinaires to TheMashup.net. They released their first single/video and have a new album dropping June 3rd titled Under the Hood via Empire. The album is a follow up from 2012’s Chop Shop and Chop Shop 2 in 2014.

The first single, On My Hustle, is rather a testament…to all who are on the track. It’s funky, bass lines thick, laced with lyrics that tell tales of bay streets. The cherry on top the video is comedy and artistic. With a scruffy dog chilling with them on the street whom shares a sign with the duo that reads “Beats For Food”. Keak da Sneak, J Stalin, IamSu!, Iesha Brooks make an appearance on the track along with 4 rAx laying a verse. Peep the video, follow their movement and cop Under the Hood on June 3rd.

Tracklist vis Mekanix

Tracklist vis Mekanix

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Jacquie Yo

April 30th, 2016

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