Tajai Massey x ELL an Arts and Architecture Collective (Culture)

ELL x Space Design via Hoodline

ELL x Space Design via Hoodline

Tajai who is most know for maxin’ in the studio with his brothers from the mighty Souls of Mischief and The Hieroglyphics but I want to shed light on his newest venture ELL.

Tajai is most notably known for his fresh rhymes, producing talents and music executive decisions but today we bring the Hip Hop vibe full circle. A proud resident of San Francisco, CA., Tajai is also sharing his creative talents in the bay area as an architectural designer. But it doesn’t stop there he has brought a team of creative minds together to build ELL a Cross-Disciplinary Gallery + Exhibition + Meeting Space for the arts and local businesses. The team consists of Jason Campbell (architecture & photography), Rafael Vizcaino (culinary), Francisco Fernandez (film), Hana Bittner (mixed media), Sam Holtzman (writing), Peter Suen (emerging technologies) and Andrew Manuel (fashion) – form this mighty collective.

A message from Tajai: “Great ideas come from the interplay of several disciplines, philosophies and skillsets. The ELL San Francisco can be ground zero for the cross-pollination of so much. For those who love creation, and feel that this unique space will be a creative catalyst, I ask that you help us make it a reality!”

The goal behind ELL is to foster creativity in all forms, from and, more uniquely, for those in all statures of life. We can all agree that creative minds such as these are needed in our communities…across the states. We need your help, ELL is looking for more backing for this project to flourish and here is how you can. Click the link and find out how you can contribute. Be A Part of Change.

ELL Exhibition Space for the Arts and Architecture Support Page



Jacquie Yo

June 5th, 2016

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