Del The Funky Homosapien x Iller than Most Tour (Show Review)

Del x Iller than Most Tour

Del x Iller than Most Tour

It was a Wednesday night when I began my transport to the 90’s era via Del the Funky Homosapien live inside of Harlow’s Night Club. The last time I chatted with this enchanting being was in 2012, and still today, he puts on one hell of a show. The Iller than Most Tour, Sacramento being the first stop on their journey, was everything one would need for a mid-week pick up with those good nostalgic vibes.

I was rather surprise when I entered the building, the room was packed!! Game 3 of the NBA Finals had begun its game at 6pm, I thought for sure the beginning of the show would be a light crowd, but music won this evening and I couldn’t be more enthused. Bru Lei opened the show promptly at seven, playing joints from his vast library of music, accompanied by DJ Epik on the tables. A perfect emcee to open a night of conscious energy.

Richie Cunning, the mystery emcee, took the mic with his deep voice and powerful stories shedding light to a life lived in the city of San Francisco with tracks from his 1906 album. I can almost guarantee his backpack, in the green room, had a flask or bottle of the Erk n Jerk for pregame before letting loose his single Peyote, which happens to be one of my favorites. It was nice to see him live, since I have only witnessed his greatness via The Back Pack Cypher videos and well he held the crowd captive during his set.

Pure Powers was next to keep the vibes going. Bringing high energy to the stage this 707 to 808 raised emcee gave us quite a show. A frequent feature on a few Living Legends singles, Pure P, showed us just what is it to be a bass culture enthusiast. His album titled, My Album, was an example of just what kind of emcee we were in the room with via the tracks Soul Clap, Beast Inside, Keep the Passion and Radio Jam.

It was a small amount of time before DJ Domino took the stage to share some joints before Del came on stage. I love a show that does not stop the energy flow, keeping the crowds attention between sets is key, and they nailed it.

Del crossed the threshold to the beat of Dr. Bombay and the crowd went wild, hooting and hollering every line of the song verbatim. I was instantly taken back to my days as a teenager, how incredibly funky was Del? That’s rhetorical…Funky and extremely hyped Del owned the stage. Phesto came out to cover A Plus verse on Powers that Be which was monumentally moving. Let me not forget that Del has a comedy side to him, his intro to Boo Boo Heads was classic and of course the crowd was responsive. Del closed out his set with Clint Eastwood. Which reminded me of how many people actually thought that Clint Eastwood was a rapper. He gratefully thanked the crowd, bowed and disappeared behind the black curtains on the stage, only to leave us with a lasting reminder of how our culture needs this funky feel good music to stay relevant…rather Alive.

The show was consciously lifting and filled with nostalgic moments that was clearly passed down to the generations after me. All thanks to Tastemakers Live.



Jacquie Yo

June 9th, 2016

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Great show! Hiero fan for life! It was cool connecting with you that night after the show Jacquie, let’s hook up when you’re free. Peace.

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