Black Panther Party 50th Year Anniversary x Interview

Everything smelled amazing…like incense, power, community and essential oils.  Oakland, CA, was alive with energy at the Black Panther Party 50th  Anniversary celebration. I LIVE FOR events like this! Being able to feel a strong sense of culture completes an already dope experience.  It felt like love and pride.

In my eyes, the Black Panther Party truly and purely represented and represents the statement, “Black Lives Matter.” The BPP used the slogan, “All power to the people” to strengthen the minds of citizens. It helped Black people realize how much control they held as a collective group. The Black Panthers cared about the community and the event–titled “Where Do We Go From Here”–was a refreshing reminder of how far we’ve come as well as the work that needs to be done moving forward.

Peep the full recap video with interview excerpts below:

Live streaming online platform, HipHopTV, put this celebration together and they set it off!  Artists like Mistah Fab, Locksmith and Alia Sharrief spoke out against the limits society puts on us and ways to save our youth from negative life outcomes. Them, among other performers, not only focused on the issues within the Black community but also the solutions.  In a time like today, that’s what we need. 



Taylor D

October 24th, 2016

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