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[Watch] King: NISHA

Sol Life artist, King has debuted his first music video of his song “Nisha.” The song, produced by Shlohmo, features DUSKAFTERDAWN and was originally created out of the beginnings of a spoken word piece. It wasn’t until King was offered an oppotunity to open for legendary hip-hop artist, Pete Rock, that “Nisha” was tranformed into a song.
The direction of the video is based off of the Bollywood film Dil To Pagal Hai which is translated to “the heart is crazy.” The main character is imagining a perfect woman but at the same time isn’t sure if he is capable of love or even really deserves it.

Follow King’s journey and check out the new video, “Nisha” here!



Taylor D

February 5th, 2017

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Aliyah says:

    I’ve been a listener of king since his old SoundCloud music…then one day I came across the song Nisha. In my opinion, certain music some of us listen too, like reggae, r&b, soulful etc. can have a way to vibrate at the same frequency of our heart and soul. And that is what this song did, it had a way of confirming the kind of woman that I’ve grown to be. A goddess. Someone with a pure soul, spirit, and heart and one day I will come across my reflection, twin flame, another soul to describe me the way King did about her. I’m patient until that day comes of course. Watching this visual was even more serene and dope for me! This song gave me a sense of peace inside to know that everyone has emotions, everyone is still going through experiences, we come across many people that help us along our journey to become our greatest version. King was able to identify her worth and everything she is, but he wasn’t sure if he was capable of giving the love she deserved, which is what many guys nowadays are going through, and I got compassion for them because we are all still finding/creating ourselves at a young age. But everything is temporary. King is an inspirational, vibrant soul. Talked to him periodically on social media, however never met in person but I hope to one day soon. I’m a Film Studies Major and Minor Sociology, and I plan to one day cultivate an Autobiography or a true story about his journey and his growth and passion.

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