Northern Nights Music Festival 2017 Preview


We are just 1 week away from the 2017 Northern Nights Music Festival where sustainability, community and music thrive together. Located on the Mendocino/Humboldt County Line lies Cook’s Valley Campgroundwhere NNMF’s magical experience commences every year in July. Tucked under redwoods and along the South Eel River you will find some of the most eco conscious and friendly festival goers to date. Receiving the A Greener Festival Award in 2014, NNMF is amongst the top ranking festivals around.

Northern Nights has created a setting where nature can go undisturbed all under the awareness that one must have upon entrance of the campgrounds. Experience is a must, for most of us, and you will not be disappointed attending with the variety of daily activities such as the live art exhibits, a silent disco, yoga sessions, the non-profit village, ecofriendly/sustainability classes and the endless food and beverage vendors that cater to every palate. Let me not forget to mention the utilization of solar lighting and cutting edge stage designs used to create the 4 stages with the environment in mind. Northern Nights is a huge community leader and investor. Participating in community building events throughout the year, NNMF also donates a portion of all ticket sales to local schools in the county.
Here are some of the artists that will also be involved in this years celebration of life liberty and love. TAKE THESE 3 L’S AS A FAT WIN! Each artist has their own stories, and these three random artists I chose are very exquisite and unique to themselves and this event in the redwoods. Also, don’t wait til the day of shhow! Come celebrate with us! TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE HERE!

MANICS is an indie dance group comprised of Jordan Deherrera, Chris Sanders and various session players. Their sound is diverse yet cohesive, coupling elements from multiple sub genres of dance music with contemporary production aesthetics. With live vocals, percussion, programming and synth work, Manics live sets are dynamically unique. Supported by Odesza, Poolside, Designer Drugs & others; the group has released some 20+ originals and remixes with large and small labels including Dim Mak Records, Nurvous Records, Oh My God Its Techno Music, TMG, 9G, VibeWithIt and more. In 2013 Manics started their own label, POPGANG Records. As curators and producers, they aim to release quality independent dance music that breaks away from cooky cutter “EDM.” Deep house, Techno, Hip Hop, and Indie Dance/ Nu Disco are all part of the POPGANG Sound.

Random-Rab-at-Great-Convergence-2012-1200x630 (1)
Rab was born. He began to experiment with sound. The back of his head fell on the ground. Sound was released from the THUMP. It was deafening and created around him the first note of Random Rab’s music. Rab loves to create music and has been performing as Random Rab since 1998. He has released about a dozen albums in addition to many EPs and side projects. ”This music is an homage to all that is beautiful in this world and beyond. Take a moment to poke around and perhaps discover something unexpected.”
Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip‐hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multiinstrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in his sound. Sometimes performing solo and at other times featuring collaborative musicians, the live experience is focused on a high quality translation of sound that is simultaneously sexy and psychedelic.

Self described deserted, jungle-island outcasts and wild animals at heart, EKO ZU are no strangers to the rhythm and vibes electronic dance music has blessed upon our culture, but create their flow in a way that could only be captured as each intonation is struck perfectly in time by a musician. EKO ZU is a musical trio of the melody weaver Zu’ri, nimble songstress Zu’CH3N, and frequency shaper Zu’Ian. Discovered on Eko Isle, a little- known deserted island in the Mariana Archipelago, they are the only known example of Animal-Human hybrid evolution. Making due with the tools at hand, these castaways ride the party out all night long with nothing, but a guitar, drumpads and a sirens song as they keep us on our toes with the swing, grooves and switch ups that could only ever hit you in all the right places by a group of live musicians working the crowd.

Their music consists of an upbeat and soulful deep house vibe and takes that feel good to a higher place. Eternal Eyes is a slow and synthy jam with an epic computerized breakdown and some Funk elements. From the studio Here and Now looks like it’s shaping up to bring some sultry goodness to the bunch with some funky synths and slap bass. What we know so far about All I Ever is that is that it’s going to melt dance floors with sensual fire. Stay tuned to snatch these up as they pump out of the studio!

EKO ZU is known for exhibiting characteristic animal quirks, translating household pets for their human friends, in endless pursuit of world peace, equality and colorful balls of Yarn.In bringing the sounds of the Eko Isle to our spirits, the Zu remind us to connect with the animal world, mother nature, the planet, the green spaces, the love places; to remember our inner ravens; to beat as one with the Heart of the Jungle.

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Hood Rich

July 10th, 2017

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