Northern Nights: Cannabis TREE LOUNGE

Northern Nights is back at it again at Cook’s Valley Campground. Just 3 hours north of the Bay Area, Northern Nights Music Festival will be the hot spot from July 14th to the 16th this year. This is their 5th year coming through with ear banging jams, river pooled bodies, and good vibes to the Emerald Triangle. Northern Nights Music festival is excited to announce not only the massive success of the Medical Marijuana Zone last year, but the return of the zone coming with an expansive set of activities. The Tree lounge will come with an exclusive, innovative, and educational oasis in the center of the festival. Yes, Northern Night hosts are huge cannabis advocates! The Tree Lounge features the Emerald Triangle’s premiere medical cannabis cultivators and manufacturers as well as hosting top-tier dispensary buyers and distributors from all around the Golden State. NN17’s new and improved Tree Lounge and Silent Disco locations will put vendors front and center on the main festival thoroughfare.



Comparable in style and scale to a beer garden, the Tree Lounge represents the industry’s evolution into mainstream lifestyle events while staying true to the region and culture where it all began for California, Southern Humboldt, and Northern Mendocino. The Tree Lounge staff members will be presenting this area to demonstrate how to educate consumers in a fun, safe, and social way at events across the country and around the world. Join us for comedy, surprise DJ sets, artist meet-and-greets, and daily chats from farmers, collectives, and the Twister Trimmer team.

Smoke a bowl in the main bowl to headlining artists such as notorious Hip Hop collective Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Cherub, Big Wild, G Jones, Dirtwire, Random Rab,Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage, and 90+ more amazing acts and experience the magic of music, swimming and dancing amidst one of the most sought out destinations in the world – the California Redwoods.

Work by Piper Dan x N8 Miers

Work by Piper Dan x N8 Miers

The way the festivals approach cannabis use in the future will continued to be pioneered in efforts to reduce and remove the stigma around Cannabis use. This is a game changing experience that will enhance the experience, and honor the incredibly rich Cannabis history of the festival’s region. The Tree Lounge will include education, sampling, interactive installations, refreshments, meet-and-greets with headliners plus performances throughout the day and night on the Royal Gold Tree Stage!

On the outside of the mesmerizing oasis of the Tree Lounge will be a new “Purple Nights” Art Gallery– here you will see the works of the finest borosilicate glass artists from all around the globe. Beachside dance parties, afternoon river swims, a diverse lineup of internationally renowned and breakout musical and mural artists, and world class production in an intimate setting make NNMF the perfect destination for city revelers to experience farm to fest. NNMF encourages all participants (18+) to activate their souls and smiles for three unforgettable days – no matter the path, you’ll find a home for the weekend in the majestic forests of NorCal.

'Purple Nights' Art Gallery

‘Purple Nights’ Art Gallery

NNMF’s Tree Lounge is illustrating the importance of self care for all individuals through the exclusive “Yoga in the Grove”, which is curated by Bloom Farms, and there will also be North Bay Nectar providing happy guests with cannabis/hemp infused massage oils that are made with organic ingredients. Don’t have a medical card? Dont worry! NNMF provides a cannabis recommendation online from “PrestoDoctor” at a discounted rate for NN ticket holders! Just be sure to email info@northernnights.org for your code.



Aika Eden

July 11th, 2017



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