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Fuck Yeah (Fest) A Preview Guide to FYF 2017 – Friday Edition

There are very few things that make me more excited than music, so when festival season rolls around, my brain goes into severe sensory overload. How am I supposed to discern which show is the best? Which one will have the best line up? Which one has the most features? What the hell version of eenie-meenie-minie-moe am I supposed to use to know which festival is THE festival I cannot miss? Fuck.

So the reality is, I have yet to come up with a formula. The other reality, is that I barely had to try this year; with one announcement, my mind body and soul was hooked. The lineup was one of the most stellar I had seen, but it was about so much more than the music. It was the art, the comedy, the dancing, the food, the drinks, and the community that had taken this festival from a SoCal one-day show with less than 20 acts in 2004, to a magical experience touting over 65+ acts over the course of 3 days 13 years later. Sean Carlson and his team… have killed it.


With only 9 days until this three day free-for-all, I am in hype mode. My playlist is a cavalcade of non-stop FYF mixes, and I tracked down each and every artist to make sure that I knew exactly what the game plan was for all three days. After hours of careful consideration, these artists are looking like the can’t-miss performances for the show for Friday. (At least for me. Holla if you don’t agree, we can compare and contrast!)


Bjork. I repeat. Muthafkn Bjork. If you are even asking me why this is on the list, if you are even questioning it in your head, if you even had to think about it.. we need to talk.
Bjork has been blowing peoples brains back with her music since she was a very small child in Reykjavik. Never conforming to the social constructs placed upon her, the music she has created has become instrumental and vocal landscapes that you can lose yourself in. She creates dreamscapes with sound, and has also been consistently touted as one of the best live shows of the last 20 years. Featuring huge orchestral performances with jaw dropping visuals, this 60 minute set will be one to write home about. Or write a blog about… whatever.
I will be there Bjork. I swear. You fucking alien goddess, you.
Bjork is playing the Main Stage from 8:50pm to 10:05 pm


Anderson .Paak grooves hard at the NPR Music SXSW showcase.

Anderson .Paak grooves hard at the NPR Music SXSW showcase.

Yes. Yes. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have been dying to see this man live. Music in and of itself has taken a truly interesting, and experimental bend over the last ten years. Hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, and R&B have all merged with the electronic sensibilities and live instrumentation and somehow… they birthed Anderson Paak. His albums are equal parts good to dance to, smoke to and fuck to, so no matter what you choose to do (both at home, and at FYF Fest) it is a guarantee that Anderson and the Free Nationals will put you in the right kind of mood.
Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals are playing the Lawn Stage from 10:10 – 11:10pm


I am not sure that I should even have to explain WHY this is the ONE ABSOLUTE CANNOT-MISS show of Friday. Missy Elliot has basically been in her own private cocoon for ten years. If you think my ass is not going to be front and center to see her absolutely slay the Main stage Friday, than you are crazy. Missy Elliot has worked with some of the most INSANE stage-techs in the world, teams who have designed magic tricks for Criss Angel and Copperfield (I used to work for those guys) and stage shows for Justin Timberlake. Somehow Missy still manages to upstage all of them with her on-stage antics. This show will probably be no exception. Some weird shit is going to happen. My body is ready.

Missy is on the Main Stage. Friday, July 21st from 11:15pm to 12:15am


Showing up on the Lawn stage for what is sure to be some late night trippy-ness, Flying Lotus is going to be throwing down an hour long set of that weird, wild shit that he plays. One of the best parts of a Flying Lotus show is you never know who is going to show up with him. He’s featured everyone from K.Dot to Thom Yorke and all manner of in-between — and with Kendrick’s tour not starting until August — a bitch can pray he makes an appearance.

This is one of those… I might drop acid type sets. You know. For science.

Flying Lotus is playing the Lawn Stage, July 21st from 12:20am – 1:20 am

1. FYF Fest is going to be fucking insane
2. Friday is going to be one fucking amazing night of music
4. I will be running my chubby ass back and forth between the Lawn and Main stages non-stop from 8pm til Midnight. Lord I hope they are close to each other. LOL.

Stay tuned for my FYF 2017 Preview – Saturday Edition coming soon

— Olivia Monahan aka Liv Styler

IG — @thelivstyler
FB — https://www.facebook.com/livyours



Olivia Monahan

July 1st, 2017

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One Comment

  1. Staajabu says:

    Great article! Dang! I got high just from reading this. Bound to be amazing. Enjoy!

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