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Fuck Yeah (Fest) A Preview Guide to FYF — Saturday Edition

I am back! Just like I promised I would be. I have a few more must-see acts for you to sort through. Friday had some definite hits, but Saturday is going to be so jam packed for me, that I am almost guaranteed to drop a few pounds, just by all the running back and forth that I will have to be doing in order to keep up with all the different shows.
I even made up a list of MUST HAVE supplies for myself in order to make sure that I have everything that I need. Only the important things:
1. Water
2. Weed
3. Wraps
It was a short list. Let’s move on….

Here are the must-sees (for me) for Saturday at FYF.


This show is going to be a trip, for sure. Thundercat is a genre-bending magician on a bass guitar, who can also sing, produce, and make some crazy sounding music. I have never seen him live. I have to see him live. Does not matter that he will be playing at the HOTTEST time of the day in the middle of summer in California, does not matter that the sun will be crisping my skin like bacon on a griddle. It. Doesn’t. Matter. Not only has he created some of my favorite music in the last few years on his own, but he has been a part of so many projects that have been seminal for me recently. Vic Mensa’s The Innnanet, Childish Gambino’s Because, the Internet, basically all of Kendrick’s last three albums, plus Ms. Badu’s New Amerykah Part 1&2 and Kamasi Washington thrown in for a little spice…. Thundercat is everywhere, and for good damn reason.
Must. See. Thundercat.
Thundercat is playing the Lawn Stage from 5:30-6:25



Goddess. That’s the word that always pops up into my head when I head Noname uttered. I first heard her on Chance’s Acid Rap album, and I have been seeking out her music ever since. Coming from a slam poetry background, she has mastered the art of delivery and cadence, and constantly shifts her delivery style to make each song just a little different from the first. She reminds me of Chance a little in her style but that also may just be a Chicago thing, and there is nothing wrong with it. I love Chance, and I love Noname. She gives an exuberance and energy that you don’t see very often in hip hop and coming from a female perspective, it is even more refreshing, and her live show matches that.
Also… while writing this article I discovered that I have a friend who did a song with Noname, and I never knew until this exact moment. Small ass world.
Noname is playing the Trees Stage from 6:20-7:05pm



I’m not even writing anything. You know the fuck why.
It’s ATCQ.
There are no other words need be said.
A Tribe Called Quest plays the Main Stage from 8:30-9:45pm



If Noname is a goddess, Badu is the Queen of all the Goddesses. Badu is who made me believe in magic. In the power of love. In the power of being in touch with who the fuck you were and not given a damn if people looked at you like you were crazy. This is a woman who has been rocking mics since I was in high school, and I have never heard music from her I did not like. She basically invented that Neo-Soul that everyone has been messing with recently. She released an album in 1998 that changed the musical landscape, and here I am, 20 years later feeling like a fan-girl just at the thought of seeing her in front of me. It’s like catching a leprechaun.

Erykah Badu is playing the Lawn Stage from 9:50-10:50pm


Sweet Christmas.
Ok Frank Ocean is the first man to give me honest-to-Goddess trust issues when it came to music. This man dropped a damn near life changing album for me in terms of how I felt about R&B. I was never the biggest fan, unless I just happened to be in love at the moment, or was about to get laid – both of these reasons give R&B a very real purpose in the musical world. For my own self though, the lovey-dovey was not really my drug of choice in the musical spectrum. Though there were definitely some meanderings into the love realm (Erykah being one of them) it just never really stuck with me.
Then I met Frank.
Frank changed errything with his first mixtape back in 2011 – nostalgia, Ultra. I have played this album so many times I could guarantee that if it had been a physical copy, I would have worn it down and had to purchase another one. I was almost afraid to hear his next album after this, because it seemed like a hard mountain to climb to get better than nostalgia.
Then he dropped muthafkn Channel Orange a year letter, and smacked me in the face with my own doubt. My body wasn’t ready. I played this shit to death, brought it back to life, and then played it to death again. I was ready for another immediately.
Five years of straight up fuckery, where he would taunt, tease, hint, and whisper about a new album. He would announce release dates for new albums. He would promote a new album – and then not shit would happen. NOT SHIT. No new music. No new songs. NOTHING. I just kept believing though. I kept believing that he would appear.
Now, one new album, and three new singles later – the only musician to actually toy with my heart is going to be standing in front of me in all his glory, singing out his soul.
I say this now – I could miss the entire rest of FYF Fest on Saturday. Every single person. As long as I see Frank, it will make the 6 hour drive, huge parking hassle, exorbitant amount of money I plan on spending on frivolities and weed and missing a day of work completely worth it.
Frank Ocean is playing the Main Stage from 11:20-12:20 am – which means you know where I will be.

So there was the Saturday must sees for FYF fest! Stay tuned manana for the Sunday Funday must sees.

—Olivia Monahan aka Liv Styler



Olivia Monahan

July 2nd, 2017

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