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Fuck Yeah (Fest) — Preview Guide to FYF — Sunday Edition

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!! The final day is FYF Fest is going to be jam packed with some prime music, and just like it was for me on Saturday, I am going to be running my chubby ass around non-stop. Sunday has also offered me the hardest choices when it came to seeing shows. Often times they are competing against each other today, and I was forced to make very difficult decisions.
Fucking Sophie’s choice.
So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the must-see shows for the closeout night of FYF Fest.


Chicano Batman performing at 9:30 Club. 01/01/2016. Photography by Clarissa Villondo www.clarissavillondo.com

Chicano Batman performing at 9:30 Club. 01/01/2016. Photography by Clarissa Villondo www.clarissavillondo.com

I fell in love with these guys the minute I heard their name. First off, I am Chicana and second of all, I love Batman, so these guys were speaking to me from the very beginning. With a melding of psychedelia, old 70s funk, soul and tropicalia, they have managed to put together a discography that harkens back to a time of free love, yet somehow infused with a message of consciousness, especially on their latest album Freedom is Free. Unfortunately, these guys have come to Sacramento a couple times, and I have yet to see them, so I refuse to sit idly by and let them play FYF Fest without me checking out the set.
Plus, their set starts at my favorite part of the day #420
Chicano Batman is playing on the Lawn Stage from 4:20-5:05pm


I’m only here for the turn up. I have been peeping out tried-and-true favorites throughout most of this show, and I need to expand my brain a little and have some good old fashioned, twerk-it-out fun. Something tells me Joey Purp provides.

Joey Purp is playing the Club Stage from 5:45-630pm



I cannot wait for this man to drop a full album. His voice is mellifluous. His style is not quite like anything, and yet is somehow everything. This man sings passion, and pain, heartbreak, and joy in ways that I have yet to truly be able to articulate. I cannot tell you what it is about this man that brings me such immense joy, but there is magic in him.
It isn’t even just his music, somehow this man has even turned his IG into a living embodiment of his art, and from my understanding, he tends to translate a lot of his art into his live show.
I cannot wait to see him. Moses Sumney should be on your radar immediately, and you should not take him off of it… He is up on the list with Frank for me in the sense that there is no way I will miss this set. You shouldn’t either, you will more than likely be all types of heartbroken, and I hate having to say I told you so.
Ok. No I don’t. I don’t mind it at all. Don’t make me do it, though.
Moses Sumney is playing the Club Stage from 700-745pm



I have not seen him live.
He will not be around forever.
The only problem is he is playing at the same time as Moses Sumney – so there are only two options, miss part of Iggy’s set, or miss part of Moses’ set. This is the Sophie’s choice I had to make, and I decided that I would miss the first twenty minutes of Iggy, because he has an hour long set, and I think he will forgive me.

Iggy Pop is playing the Lawn Stage from 7:20-8:20pm



Confession time, I have never been a huge fan of Beyonce, but her sister has always impressed the hell out of me. If it weren’t for Lemonade, I would still be pretty “meh” about her, and Lemonade without the visuals is like… well… actual lemonade with sugar. It quenches your thirst, but it sure as hell does not taste as good.
Solange on the other hand, is my heir apparent for when Badu finally decides to leave the spotlight, as she has been delving into the goddess realm for a while. She decided to come out and drop a bomb in 2016 with her release A Seat at the Table, and to this day I STILL have it in heavy rotation. Equal parts melodic, powerful, and absolutely on-message for today’s times, Solange released a true masterpiece that illustrated the power behind her voice, her music, and her spirit. She has spent her time since the release travelling the world performing, even claiming the Guggenheim as her own showroom turning the Frank Lloyd Wright museum into a performance hall for one night that many fans will never forget. The show itself included a suggested dress code and strict no cell phone policy as a part of the night’s proceedings.
Her FYF performance is going to be epic. I sense it. Though, my guess is we will be able to keep our phones.
Solange is playing the Main Stage from 825-925pm



So I had sort of missed out on this guy for a while, and happened to stumble on his music on Spotify when he showed up in the “suggested just for you” category.
Sometimes these streaming services get things so wrong that I often wonder what their algorithms are based on – but 6LACK was definitely not one the Spotfiy gawds got wrong. I seriously have not been able to get enough of his debut album Free 6lack. With his music he has managed to do something that, in my humble opinion, is one of the more difficult things in music – he melds genres with such a fluidity that I can’t really figure out how he manages to do it. 6LACK is what Drake wanted to be, but couldn’t quite pull off. He has the right mix of turn up, turn down, hip hop, trap, r&b and some weird electro mixed in, that it makes it so I am not 100 percent sure what category to put him in.
What I do know that he killed the leg of the tour that he was on with The Weeknd, and I anticipate him on everyone’s radars very soon, if he isn’t already. I will miss a few minutes of his set, unfortunately, because of Solange, so someone go and tell me how the first 15 minutes are.
6lack is playing the Trees Stage from 9:10-10:00pm



What kind of fuckery is this. WHO THE HELL PUT 6LACK AND RUN THE JEWELS AT THE SAME DAMN TIME?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!? Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell.
Run the Jewels is one of my all times. They are like the 2010s version of Rage Against the Machine, which makes the inner 14 year old in me happier beyond measure. There is nothing quite as empowering as listening to RTJ when you are marching at a protest rally, there is nothing like RTJ when you are angry at society and there is nothing like RTJ blasting non-stop when your current president happens to be an orange faced shit-gibbon. They inspire that anger and rage that can be channeled into progress, and I heavily fuck with that.
Luckily, I heard that scientists just figured out how to transport things into space, so hopefully by FYF the technology will be there for me to see two shows at once.
For real, who did this…?
Run The Jewels will be on the Lawn Stage from 935-1035pm


Trent Reznor is ALIVE? I want proof. FYF is offering it apparently, in the form of a live show from the guys that I lovingly remember from my youth. Their sound is dark, synthy, crunchy, and is surprisingly good to have raunchy sex to… I mean. I have been told.
Having just released new music, I am curious to see what it is in store for their live show, and I have never seen them live, and I would be pretty pissed at myself if I had the chance and missed them.

NIN is closing out FYF Fest, playing the longest set of the festival – on the Main Stage from 10:45-12:15am

Welp. That’s it guys! The must-see of FYF Fest from yours truly.
See you soon, So Cal.
–Olivia Monahan



Olivia Monahan

July 3rd, 2017

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