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Northern Nights 2017 RECAP

YOOO OKAY w o w @ Northern Nights 2017. Northern Nights was so balistic last year… and THIS YEAR was a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE that certainly had a major kung-pow kick added into the mix. Despite being a relatively new, independent festival, Northern Nights has managed to draw large, passionate, GOOD vibin’ crowds of energies. This was possible because these festival goers were seeking an atmosphere where they’d find naturalistic scenery, with a more raw, electric experience than what is typical of many larger/popular events. In addition, staff members felt the room to experiment more which is ultimately an expansive and progressive direction to turn to. Speaking of progressive, we know that Northern Nights Music Festival was and is progressive because of past artists and music that’s featured including artists like Gold Panda, Shlomo,The Polish Ambassador, Odesza, or Troy Boi. If anyone knows any of these artists, they might have a clue as to what we mean, and the context behind it, if not, please go check these musicians out, they have positive words, and positive vibrations that gives an individual an indescribable feeling that invertly becomes nostalgic and magical. That is the power of music y’all

The atmosphere was something like the classic laid back californian feel. The River Stage was ragin’. It was fairly hot there, well actually it was pretty hot, so hot my provolone cheese clumped into one giant piece of mutant gunk in my tent. But with that being said, boy was that river stage just on time. The River stage was cinematic– unicorn floats, people swimming and dancing in the cool waters (yea water aerobics), blasting GOODIES by some greaaaaat featuring artists such as Joyzu, coming from Sacramento/Colorado, or IHF, who came around with a very pleasing house buzz that turned this river stage into an outdoor Project X.


The Tree Lounge was a new and improved set up this year, and WOW @ that incredible mini stage that also had CANNABIS DISPENSARIES attached to the festival. This spot was shaded, super laid back, and most of all GREEN friendly. 😉 This area was actually limited to folx who carried a medical card, The Tree Lounge featured the Emerald Triangle’s premiere medical cannabis cultivators and manufacturers as well as hosting top-tier dispensary buyers and distributors from all around the Golden State. NN17’s Tree Lounge and Silent Disco locations put vendors front and center on the main festival thoroughfare. Comparable in style and scale to a beer garden, the Tree Lounge represented the industry’s evolution into mainstream lifestyle events while staying true to the region and culture where it all began for California, Southern Humboldt, and Northern Mendocino. The Tree Lounge staff members presented this area to demonstrate how to educate consumers in a fun, safe, and social way at events across the country and around the world. This game changing experience enhanced the experience, and honored the incredibly rich Cannabis history of the festival’s region. This area was so jamming– like there were comedians, surprise DJ sets, and daily chats from collectives and farmers, what a time in the Tree Lounge its been.

Silent disco at one instance was at the main stage area, and that.was.incredible. There were three separate channels to choose from, and Yadira and I literally danced for about 5 hours straight. Everyone danced so hard with us. We danced all night, until about 430 AM on Sunday. Having the silent disco so close to the camp grounds was really nice, last year it reached out on the far ends all days.
There was the Grove which was a Yoga/Meditational space during the day, and an underwater themed, jazzy get away during the night. This was a euphoric phenomia and reminded me of the vibes I got from the Woogie stage at LIB in 2014. The scenes were explicitly different from day and night– the beauty of that had shunned me, and I was so fascinated with the calm breeze during the day and the jungle fever, visualistic, dance party at night. It blew me away.IMG_5880
There was actually also a renegade stage, which was the secret stage this year hosted by Living Legends who played on Sunday night. Isn’t it neat that headliners were of all sorts of genres? Certainly progressive, forward thinkers who run Northern Nights (but ultimately we all manifested that atmosphere, am I right?).

The main stage was amazing for, obvious reasons– but one of my favorite acts was G Jones, who had killer trap induced tunes that I’ve never moved so hard to in my astronaut suit, and same with groovy-oovy Cherub. Doses and Mimosas literally felt like a movie; there were bubbles, psychedelic rays in the sky, blown up champagne bottles, and ultimately a unity where people felt that connective-ness together in that space and time together. Northern Nights: where sustainability, community and music thrive together. Located on the Mendocino/Humboldt County Line lies Cook’s Valley Campground where this magical experience commences every year in July. Tucked under redwoods and along the South Eel River you will find some of the most eco-conscious, and friendly festival goers to date. NNMF encourages all participants to activate their souls and smiles for three unforgettable days – no matter the path, you’ll find a home for the weekend in the majestic forests of NorCal.




July 21st, 2017

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