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All that Glitters is GOLDEN — That New New — The Nanna.B Edition

I used to pride myself on always being on top of music. Whether it was new releases, new artists, or the next “big thing” on someone’s radar, I used to devour music as though it was my life force.

Then I had kids.
Then I got older.
Then I had to adult and shit.
…Le sigh.

I miss the act of discovering an artist, the excitement you feel when you vibe out on someone’s musical musings — it’s like being able to fall in love over and over again, with someone new each time. That “shiny-and-new” feeling. There is nothing like it! Over this past year I have made it my mission to make sure that I am taking in as much of that new-new as I possibly can.

As a music blog, tends to get a decent amount of submissions for albums to be reviewed. It’s hard to parse through and find the gems, because it can be a little inundating. As I scrolled through the unopened emails, there was one that caught my eye. Somehow this email new I was looking for that shiny new shit.

May I present to you:


Starting off with a short and sweet intro, ‘Au’, Nanna.B introduced herself to me with a lush layering of her voice, creating an almost choral effect — I felt like I was entering into a holy space, the mind of a musician who had created something that was truly connected to them. Impressive as fuck to feel all that in a less-than-thirty-second intro. It was starting to make sense why I had been hearing about Nanna.b recently.


Transitioning into the first full song on the EP, as well as the title track, ‘Golden’ featuring Hodgy of Odd Future (squeal) and produced by Anderson.Paak (double squeal) immediately reached out to me, the beat grabbed me with an invisible force, and began to make me bob my head. I wanted bae with me. I wanted a stiff drink to sip. I wanted a blunt to smoke.

That was the general vibe that I picked up off the entire album actually. That I should have been in bed, with a blunt, a boo, and a tumbler of Bulleit. While Nanna.B is not necessarily breaking new barriers or creating new roads that have yet to be travelled, her music definitely has a place in my collection. The lush audible landscapes that she painted for me will be dancing around in my brain like sugarplums for a while.

Go buy the album now on iTunes!

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See you crazy kids next time. Same Liv time, same Liv channel.

— Olivia Monahan

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Olivia Monahan

July 25th, 2017

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