Imagine Justice: Commons brings attention to school reform with free concert in Sacramento

We are excited to announce that hip hop artist/activist Common is coming back to Sacramento — and this time he is hitting the steps of the Capital building to make sure his message is heard.

“As an artist, I believe it is my duty to fight injustice wherever it appears and take a stand for my fellow brothers and sisters. I believe it is my responsibility to use my platform to amplify the courageous voices of the movement and support the most marginalized members of our society” — Common


Coming off of a slough of #SchoolsNotPrison tours in 2016, Common is attempting to bring awareness to the very real impact that occurs within our African American and Latinx communities by the overuse of punishment and incarceration, in part due to a very real phenomenon known as “school pushout”

School Pushout is what happens when students are deprived of the education and opportunities that all young people deserve. With a myriad of contributing factors such as extremely inadequate funding in many of the under-served communities in the California region, combined with a lack of adequate health care services — especially in the mental care aspect, and of course the overuse of harsh punishments such as suspension and inevitably expulsion.


Included as a major focus in the campaign is the thousands of immigrants and refugees that are incarcerated in detention centers across California, breaking apart families and communities. The majority of immigrants in California are held in facilities run by private, for-profit prison companies that make millions of dollars a year incarcerating immigrants. Human rights organizations have reported countless abuses at detention facilities, including: little legal counsel, sexual abuse, poor access to healthcare, overuse of solitary confinement, and even death.


There will be a myriad of guests that come along with him, that will be announced as time goes on. Though this concert is a free concert, and is outdoors, it is almost guaranteed that capacity will be met. It is strongly suggested that you register for space online.

Imagine Justice
Sacramento State Capital
Entry will begin at 4 — show starts at 5

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Olivia Monahan

July 17th, 2017

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