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Lo0OOOOoOOOvee- as long as we got. SZA’s new hit, “Love Galore” has taken the streets in a storm. Now with over 12 million views on Youtube, SZA’s sky rocketing as not only an artist, but an artist of color, an artist as a woman, and an artist as a queer folk. Yep, I said it– if you pay attention to the lyrics, right before Travis Scott’s part comes on.. “love on my ladies, luh-love all my ladies, dated a few”. Even though this may be a surprise to many SZA explains that how she felt/feels about women isn’t something new, she just casually mentions this in Love Galore. Wow. As a QWoC myself that is an incredible representation for these marginalized communities. To have this sort of representation in the music world is a blessing and it is also humbling. SZA is also Muslim, so she is just really the IT girl in my eyes. She is so vulnerable and open in this album. She is not holding back on the “what if’s” and the “who will know” in the world, for SZA I feel like this was a release of toxicity and the lingering energies of her uncertainty and confusion that has caused her pain and distraught. That is what art means. Solana is a true artist.

“Love Galore” is a song by American singer SZA featuring American rapper Travis Scott. It was released on April 28, 2017, as the second single from SZA’s debut studio album, Ctrl (2017). The song written by SZA, Travis Scott, Carter Lang, Cody Fayne and Tyran Donaldson. SZA premiered “Love Galore” during a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January 2017. The studio version of the song premiered via SZA’s SoundCloud account on April 27, 2017, and the next day it was released for digital download on iTunes as a single. It is the second single from the album Ctrl, which was released on June 9, 2017. While talking about Travis Scott in an interview with Genius, SZA said “I’m definitely a huge fan of Travis. I think he merges that super-fine line between melody and syncopation and pocket. And I love his pockets, and I love his note choice. He’s just gnarly. He’s perfect.” Solana adds Travis to the mix for his chords that mesh together well with her theme of Love Galore. In the music video Travis is in for a Scorpio’s revenge for his incompetent behavior; up until the last minute, it seems like an extremely conventional R&B video- black silk sheets, fishnets, vibe-setting butterflies. However the single’s lyrics hint at an unacknowledged darkness “Why you bother me when you know you got a woman? Why you hit me when you know you know better?” Towards the end of the video she has Travis tied up to her bed in a provocative manner, only to bring the hammer down, literally, or rather she hires a horrifying, sneering goon to do it for her. The R&B seductress slips off into the night, and Scott’s blood splatters against the wall.

SZA and Travis Scott performing on the Tonights Show

SZA and Travis Scott performing on the Tonights Show

The symbolism in the video is expressed by the games that men have played, and though she exposed a side of her most have not known, the reactions were said to be validating, and many listeners felt like she had expressed words and emotions that many feel, but had have trouble with putting into words. Having the narrative of what its like being a “side bitch” or the “main” is something a lot of women feel is a distasteful, and maybe even an embarrassing conversation that may cause withdrawal of expression. SZA directly talks about her issues in love with men, while also tackling the forefront disrespect and image that men have put onto her. Love Galore is about SZA essentially being played. On Genius.com, SZA makes a comment on some of the meaning behind her lyrics, “You’re playing games. You’re playing games like women play games. Like, you’re weird. Why are you so weird? Why are you doing so much? Like, why not just communicate and be a normal person? Women communicate better than this actually. So, it’s like I don’t understand what’s going on.”
SZA does an excellent job painting the image of her being honest and speaking up for herself which is a recurring theme on this album, reinforced by SZA’s grandmother. Kendrick gives SZA very similar advice on Doves in the Wind: “Solána, middle fingers up, speak your truth” SZA discusses her insecurities and opinions throughout CTRL—in other words, she follows her grandmother’s advice. The authenticity of Solána’s work in this album is simply breath taking– check out, Love Galore link right below this article, and CATCH HER AT THE ACE OF SPADES IN SACRAMENTO SEPT 10TH with the mash up!! <3




Aika Eden

August 15th, 2017

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