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Hiero Day 2017 EXCLUSIVE — Lineup Announced!!

It’s here! Hiero Day 2017 lineup is here, and no lie, it’s slightweight fire
What began six years ago on Sept 3rd (a subtle reference to 93 til Infinity) as a way for the community to come together, listen to, and appreciate the music of the Bay Area legends over the course of time has transformed into an all day celebration showcasing a plethora of talent, food, art, and culture all available in the Bay Area. Hiero Day also plays an integral role in the festival culture of Oakland, which has been thriving lately.

So I have been obsessively checking the website for weeks, to no avail. Hiero Day is always a fun experience, but this year the lineup felt like it was taking forever on purpose. Like Hiero team was sitting back behind the computers, twiddling their fingers together like Mr. Burns in their Hiero lair (see image below)

Artistic representation of the Hiero Day crew

Artistic representation of the Hiero Day crew

Finally though, with less than two weeks to go, the lineup has arrived! Let’s dive into it, because we only have a little time to prep our strategies.



You know those really cheesy horror movies? The ones with blood like ketchup and movie makeup that looks like it was purchased at the dollar store? I fucking love those kind of horror movies. They are that deliciously over-the-top goodness that we all crave every now and then, and the feeds our deliciously guilty pleasures of pure ridiculousness. Welp, as the leader of the #BitchMob, that is exactly what Lil B is to me. Lil B is the definition of too much. Which is of course the first of many reasons that I absolutely fuck with Lil B. One of the original trap gawds himself, this guy’s shows are exactly what you would expect of them.

Pink bandanas, mosh pits that envy some of the hardest punk shows I have been to, and of course, the turn up.

Verdict: Swag Swag. Woop.


So a major component of Hiero Day that I have always loved is it’s ability to put together a lineup that you normally wouldn’t think you would see together, and have it make total sense. Toro y Moi has long been treading the waters between a multitude of genres, creating a sound that is uniquely their own. Floating from chillwave, to a smattering of funk and rock, a bit of pop, and now with the latest album ‘Boo Boo’, an album laced with a smooth sensibility of classic R&B.

I have not gotten the chance to catch Toro y Moi live, so I am definitely looking forward to this one. Especially with this new album, and the new energy he created with it.

Verdict: Wanna go watch Toro with Moi? *drum riff*


So this guy is kinda new to me, having been introduced to him on Chance’s ‘Coloring Book’ but I am digging his vibe so far. The recently released single “World in my Hands” with Smino and Legit was a dope little introduction that sort of gave me a Big Baby DRAM vibe, which I have been warming to since I got the chance to vibe out to it live. It has that sort of sing-song quality of a Mother Goose rhyme, and is JUUUUUUUUST mumbly enough to be cool, without being completely annoying to those of us who enjoy annunciating their words. Definitely not anything super exciting or thought provoking, but I think it will be fun to see the old hip hop heads that show up for Hiero Day each year trying to dance a long with all the 20 somethings that are sure to show Saba x Pivot Gang love.

Verdict: Go for the people watching, stay for the turn up


First off, I love The Internet. So when I saw that Steve Lacy was coming with his solo stuff, I immediately got stoked. His vibe is hard for me to describe. I was loving his most recent single Ryd/Dark Red when it dropped earlier this year, it gave me this sort of weird beachy vibe almost. I could picture bonfires, blunts and brews with the homies while we watched waves crash. Those chilled out kinda vibes that are perfect audible representations of the vibes in Cali. I think I am going to roll a couple blunts to bring with me, specifically to smoke at this set.

Yes. I might share.

Verdict: Steve Lacy and Chill?


Okay here is where I show you that I am not cool — I have never heard of The Difference Machine. The name sort of stood out so I figured I would give it a whirl and throw the name in YouTube search to see what pops up. The first video was “A Night in the Life of a Daytripper” and I was immediately sold just based on that alone. Pressing play revealed a video with seemingly simple visuals, until the random animations started to peek its way through, reminding you of that one time you took shrooms in college. Or yesterday, whenever, I don’t judge. In fact, why you not sharing?

I started travelling down the rabbit hole, clicking video after video that I could find, and have decided that this dude hella worth peeping out live. He has a sort of Danny Brown vibe with his lucid lyrics and allusions to psychedelics, but his delivery is way more boom bap than the new style and cadence.

Vedrict: Let’s go daytrip together?


It’s bigger than hip hop. K. Nuff said.

Verdict: I have seen Prez about 4 times… and it is always worth it. Five times a charm?


I been hearing a little bit about this cat but I haven’t had a chance to check him out live. I don’t really have a verdict on him one way or the other, but as a stoner, the first thing I pulled up from him was a video of him surrounded by mary jane plants. So… I figure Tree and I might be on that same wave together, which means theoretically, if nothing else, there will be a ton of blunts x backwoods getting passed around that crowd.

Verdict: The Resident Stoner approves
The thing is, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lineup of this all day festival scheduled for Sept 4th. The full lineup has not ‘technically’ been released everywhere online but because I fucking love you, I have posted the flyer below.


So make sure you share this with the homies, and click the link to get your tickets. Let’s go out in full force to support the legendary Hiero crew as they embark on their 6th annual Hiero Day.

Sept 4th.
See yall there?
I’ll be the one in a cloud of weed smoke

— Olivia Monahan
Resident Stoner
IG — @thelivstyler



Olivia Monahan

August 24th, 2017

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