#StylerSoundtracks — Daniel Caesar Edition

Daniel Caesar dropped some new-new last night with ‘Freudian’ and I haven’t stopped listening.

You guys have probably heard me say that I am not always the biggest fan of R&B/Soul type jawns. I have to really be in the mood, or I have to ACTUALLY be in the middle of “the mood” for me to really feel like being serenaded. Otherwise there needs to be something unique and intriguing about the presentation that keeps me hooked.

Daniel Caesar’s first debut album has pulled that off completely with his first full length release, ‘Freudian’.

With ten beautiful songs, and a roster of all female features (Kali Uchis, Syd, H.E.R and Charlotte Day Wilson all make appearances), Caesar manages to highlight his creative gifts along with his vocal talents. The beats are a mixture of ethereal, sultry, and slightly experimental, which is probably the best way I can describe his sound on the whole. Give him a couple more years and another album or EP in between, and you will see the coming of a new king in the game.

While the album itself is a well rounded project, the standout for me was definitely “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis. If you don’t immediately wish you were home in bed with someone special after this song, than I think you might be missing the point of the song. Coming in a close second was ‘Take Me Away’ featuring Syd. With lyrics like “Every time she throws that ass back all she says is take me away…” paired with that surfy almost lackadaisical beat, it evokes a myriad of mental images.

The whole album in and of itself is setting a vibe that makes me wish I had a blunt, some Hennessy and a certain special someone with me. But I’m at work, so imma chill…


Though my personal stand-outs upon first listen are lending more towards the sensual side of the album, there is a introspective ying to the extroverted yang, and as many songs as there are to set the mood, there are equally as many that remind us of the very real aspects of love, loss, and the personal growth that comes from that process. Though Caesar is young in age, his soul has clearly been here before. This is nothing new.
Take a listen to Freudian below:


For my Sacramento folks!!! Daniel Caesar will be in the City of Trees November 8th at Harlow’s Nightclub — get your tickets now, because I don’t want to hear the “damn I can’t believe I missed it!” later:

Purchase tickets for Daniel Caesar at Harlows:



Olivia Monahan

August 25th, 2017

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