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Locals on the Rise – 1st Edition — City of Trees

So you may have seen random articles circulating through Sacramento social media lately. Articles ranging from sources like to the San Francisco Chronicle, and all with one topic on their tongues: Sacramento.

While the rest of the country might be buzzing about our ‘sudden’ growth, those of us who were born and raised here understand that this was not a gradual process. For years artists, musicians, writers, community activists, entrepreneurs and of course the patrons who support them all, have put blood, sweat, tears, and money into making this city the amazing space that we all know and love.

So why not honor the folks who are out there pushing? Hustling? Creating and contributing to the beauty that is our arts and culture community on a daily basis is no easy task, and often times can leave you feeling looked over or looked past. I want to shine that spotlight, and let yall know:

I see you, and I appreciate the fuck out of you.

Brutang ain't nothing to fk with -- Photo Credit Chris Hopkins

Brutang ain’t nothing to fk with — Photo Credit Chris Hopkins

Bru Lei is an Ohio transplant who has been making Midtown Sac janky since the moment he touched down on Cali soil. Signed to Public School Records along with artists Coolzey, Lipstick Homicide, Copywrite and more, Bru has released a full length EP that is one of my contenders for album of the year. Lyrically Bru has always been skilled, but on this album there is a shift and slight departure from some of his previous work, waxing poetic on topics such as social media, the state of the world, the state of hip hop, and the state of his heart at the time of recording.

Featuring verses from local artists Poor Majesty, Mic Jordan, and N.O.N, hailing from The People’s Revolution hip hop collective, as well as Killah Priest from the muthafkn Wu-Tang, you will not be disappointed with Bru’s latest foray into full length. Press play below:

I have a little bit of a crush on Molly Devlin. Not in a weird let me carry your books for you kind of way, but in an artistic way. Her pieces are literal dreamscapes come to life, as she manages to create images that remind you of boy the joy and fear of childhood imaginations. With rich, often dark jewel toned colors and whimsical creatures making their way into many of the underlying themes of her work, she has always spoken to my personal aesthetic. When looking into her art you almost feel like you have travelled down the rabbit hole, there just is not white rabbit to guide you through it. Her art leave you to your own recognizances, giving you credence to get lost in the visuals.

Starting Sept. 1st, Molly will be featured in her own solo exhibition at the 1810 Gallery on 12th and R street. The show, entitled ‘Valley of the Shadows’ will run until October 1st. Get down there! Flyer is below with the location:


Molly Devlin in collaboration with S.V. Williams for Art Street

Molly Devlin in collaboration with S.V. Williams for Art Street


Steph Rodriguez.

If you have lived in Sacramento for any period of time in the last ten years, you may have seen her name on many a by-line or two (or twenty). An award-winning freelance journalist, Steph has been tirelessly working to push the creative culture and diversity of the city for longer than we both care to recall (yes, I’m old lol).

Currently freelancing (consistently) for five separate publications, Steph makes it her personal mission to try to highlight those in the community who may not always get their shine.

“I meet some pretty inspiring men, women and even children that everyone should know about and the fact that I’m trusted and given an opportunity to share their stories is such a rewarding feeling… I love being able to chase the next cool story to share with Sacramento.” – Steph Rodriguez

You can catch her work in a plethora of publications, including:
Sacramento News and Review
Edible Sacramento
Sacramento Magazine
CBS 13 News
The Seen — Online Publication for Unseen Heroes

Or click the link below to read her feature on the recent mural festival Wide Open Walls, which just so happens to feature artist Molly Devlin.
As you can see, Sacramento has some true talent. Go discover these folks and all the other amazing talents that this community has to offer! I will be back next week with another installment of Locals on the Rise — stay tuned!

— Olivia Monahan
IG — @thelivstyler



Olivia Monahan

August 25th, 2017

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