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Corbin (FKA Spooky Black) drops Mourn — and it’s slightweight dope

“Have you heard of this kid Corbin?”

I had just hit my go to guy when it comes to new music. Sean Lamarr has been a wonderful friend to me for many years, and one of the main reasons for that is because of his excellent taste in music. This dude always seems to know about folks before me, and tends to put me on game more than I care to admit.

“Please don’t offend me. I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask me that.”

… and now you see why he and I are friends.

The reality is I had already heard of Corbin but he went by Spooky Black, and I had no idea that he was going to be dropping new music under a new moniker. Yet here we are, so let’s talk about it really quick.

Music has taken a truly interesting turn over the last decade or so. A sort of metallic melancholy (yes, I know that makes no sense, but when you think about it, you know that shit makes sense) begun to fuse with a more traditional R&B sensibility to create this interesting, and fairly experimental genre of music. Corbin’s music definitely fall into that realm.

His vibe is almost 90’s grunge-rock when it comes to the topics — tales of angst, and youth, and inexperienced love — yet the ethereal quality of the beats and the absolutely SURPRISING power behind the the voice of this now 19 year old singer, allow the listeners to follow their own path as they travel down the spiral of his journey. For myself, this is definitely something I would vibe to with a blunt, some D’usse and a few friends; this is that kind of music you can have those high-yet-strangely philosophical life conversations with.

To be real, I am honestly slightweight fascinated by this kid. I can’t even quite pinpoint why I fuck with him, but I do.

Which made me even more happy when I found out that he is going to be in Sacramento later this month at Ace of Spades. Sharing a bill with SHLOMO (!!!!) and D33J on September 13th. Who wants to roll with me? Tickets are only 20 bucks for a solidly-stacked lineup. Throwing the link below.


Verdict: I will definitely buy the full album when it drops

Additional verdict: Do not smoke an Indica while listening to this shit. You will knock out… it will be the best sleep of your life but still. Juuuuuuuust saying. From me to you, stoner to stoner. This is a Sativa song.

Listen below

— Olivia Monahan
IG — @thelivstyler



Olivia Monahan

September 1st, 2017

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