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Tennyson Comes to Harlows and brings some quirky beats with them…

Okay, maybe I am biased but I truly believe that there is no other place that I would rather watch a show in Sacramento than Harlow’s. I understand we have huge venues like Golden 1 and some amazing mid-size places like Ace of Spades and, on a recent comeback, Memorial Auditorium — but there is something about Harlow’s that makes it near-and-dear in my heart. It manages to create an intimacy between the audience and the artist, and even though there is the normal bar chatter going down during the process, the sound is always so crisp that you never feel as though you are missing out on much.

Plus their patio is top notch. Especially for some of us *cough cough* who enjoy a little rest and relaxation between sets *cough cough* there is no better place to be than Harlow’s. Resident Stoner approved with the highest of honors. (insert drum riff here)

A resident stoner's paradise

A resident stoner’s paradise

On Friday Sept 22, Harlow’s is hosting Tennyson — the Canadian brother/sister duo who create this sort of electro-synth-dreamscape music that simultaneously takes you to another realm, but makes you dance along the path as they lead you down the rabbit hole. They have been making a name for themselves since mid 2014, when the two weren’t considered legal adults by American standards. While their first foray was met with mixed responses, the time that has since passed has given the opportunity for the duo to show some real growth in their layering, in their depth, and in their overall sound.

Layered sounds with live percussion courtesy of Tennyson

Layered sounds with live percussion courtesy of Tennyson

Their new single ‘Cry Bird’ immediately causes your head to bob, with a gentle intro and fairly melodic vocals — but as the beat drops, you are transported to an almost tropical setting that you were not expecting to be in with the way the song started. Infusing a happy sort of pep into your step, the lyrics themselves speak on self-reflection. On someone searching desperately for something that they had in front of them all along — and no matter how old (me) or young (them), we can all certainly relate to those feelings.

Expert hair-flip for the win

Expert hair-flip for the win

With their sound and style, I could not think of a better place to see them than Harlow’s so needless to say, I am more than a little stoked or this one. I will be out there, with a little blue dream, a photographer, and a desire to dance. Who’s coming with me?

Take a listen to their latest, ‘Cry Bird below

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Olivia Monahan

September 18th, 2017

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