On tour in Sacramento

Tee Grizzley is roaring through Sacramento


Tee Grizzley is raw as hell, real as fuck, and he is coming to Sacramento October 7th.


Hailing from the west-side of Detroit, Tee Grizzley has been making a major name for himself since the April release of “My Moment” — the entirety of which was written while incarcerated. Grizzley, who has actually been rapping since he was about 12 years old, infuses everything he writes with his own reality and truth — which in today’s day and age of ghostwriters, is a welcome change of pace.

And let’s face it, this dudes reality is one of the crazier ones I have gotten to hear in recent times. Coming from a less than happy home that Tee himself has described as “abusive”. Tee’s mother was sentenced to fifteen years in prison under a drug trafficking charge, and his father was murdered when Tee was barely 18. Through the difficulties, Tee himself made it to college, the first in his family. While attending Michigan State however, Grizzley and his friends took part in a series of robberies, stealing over 10k in equipment and 10k in cash that had been taken from students dorm rooms.

Incarcerated for a little over a year, and released on a reduced sentence, Tee took the opportunity to channel his energies, frustrations, and his personal story into his music. Melding a classic, gritty beat style that thumps like a muthafucka, with lyrics that are equal parts pensive and powerful, Grizzley creates art that is genuine to his experience. His lead single “First Day Out” features Tee dressed in the bright orange jumpsuit with the word Inmate scrawled across his chest, and was filmed less than 72 hours after Tee had been released from prison. In less than six months the video had 25 million views. (Today it has 75.4 million views).


Where did the sudden success come from? It could be Lebron James’ shoutout to Grizzley and ‘First Day Out’, or it could be the legend Jay-Z taking to the twittersphere announcing that Grizzley’s song, First Day Out, is the best song released this year. It could also be that Grizzley strikes a chord with many, telling a story all too familiar for some. Whatever the reason, I am ready to see him.

Take a peek at the visuals for First Day Out below.


— Olivia Monahan
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Olivia Monahan

October 2nd, 2017

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