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Smoking loud at Rolling Loud — A Resident Stoner Preview

So. Is it stereotypical that they asked the Resident Stoner to cover Rolling Loud SF? — Yes

Am I absolutely okay with that? — Fuck yes


So what is Rolling Loud?

Rolling Loud is one of the largest hip-hop centric music festivals in today’s current market. It brings together multiple strains — headliners like TDE alum Schoolboy Q, tripped out trappiness from Travis Scott, and of course Weezy F. Baby himself, Lil Wayne, some on the rise stars like SOB x RBE, Isaiah Rashad (LITERALLY the main reason I am excited for this show), and Bay area faves Nef the Pharaoah and Daghe, and folks to keep your eye on like Dave East, Bobby Raps, and Denzel Curry — and rolls that shit up nicely into one tight, lit ass lineup perfect for a stoner ass chick like myself.


But who am I here for?

Schoolboy Q


I have seen Q when he came to Sac, but it was in a much smaller venue with a smaller audience — I am waiting with bated breath to see how turnt this fool is in front of a 10k audience. As one of many standout stars on Top Dawg Ent., School is also one of the most veteran on the line up (minus Wayne) so I am definitely checking out for his set with some high ass expectations.

Plus have you SEEN him now? This dude is yoked. LOL I might also be here for that.



One of the original Young Money artists from back in the day, Curren$y aka Spitta Andretti has been killing stages for a minute, yet I have somehow managed to miss him every single time when he heads to my area. He is definitely on my must sees for this show. With the recent release of the Pilot Talk Trilogy, he has been in heavy rotation at the mashup – and I definitely smoke a blunt or two to his music on a fairly consistent basis, so why not do it in person?

Nef the Pharaoh


Yassssssssssssssssssss I love Nef. First of all Nef always shows love to my favorite dive bar in Sac, the only place that truly fucks with good, grimey, turnt up hip hop — the Blue Lamp. So I will absolutely be there for Nef’s set . More importantly though I want to be able to see him with Daghe who I have been really starting to follow lately. A producer from the Bay, Daghe made a recent stop in Sacramento at the CSUS ballroom and tore that entire show down, so I am hoping for a repeat.

Isaiah Rashad


Literally 90% of the reason I said yes. This dude is so good. He is soooooo fkn good. He is so slept on it hurts my soul. He has been on my hip hop bucket list for the last couple years — so I guess thanks to Rolling Loud I get to knock that one of the bucket list. Oh also.. he’s fine AF. So that helps a little bit.

Isaiah, if you read this. I gotta blunt with your name on it. Holla.



Holy shit there is a female on the roster! This is not a drill! Leaf is bringing her fine ass (seriously she is gorgeous) to Rolling Loud, and she is one of the folks I have been checking for this year, but I had yet to see her come through this way. She has been making waves as the “feminist rapper with a voice” who combo’d up with Lil Yachty, another artist on this lineup, in her new song ‘Nada’. Sporting her MBM emblem (which stands for Money Before Men) she has proven at the young age of 21 that she isn’t here for your shit.

Which is why I love her.

Between her and Princess Nokia, I am crushing hard on the new female crop hitting the airwave — press play on her immediately!
Don’t be the slacker that sits idly by while some of the dopest acts are in your backyard. If you are in Sac, Shoreline is a hop and a skip down the freeway for two dope days of amazing music and fucking bomb weed


I will even make you a deal when you buy your tickets — the first person to find me wandering around the festival is getting smoked out — just let me know you read themashup.net

Until then go follow us to not miss out

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Olivia Monahan

October 17th, 2017

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