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Living Legends founder & Team 3.0 frontman is coming for HEADS as new & improved 3.0

So first off let me start by saying this: The fact that I got the chance to chop it up with the founder of Living Legends is basically a hip hop dream come true. I still have to sort of pinch myself because even though I try to be cool and shit — let’s face it — I am a huge nerd. Like a major one. So I cannot help but fan out around some of the people who formed my love of hip hop.

Ok. Enough of that lovey dovey shit. LOL. Let’s move on to talk about the real reasons we are here today.
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So if you see me referencing Head a lot in this article — get your damn mind out the gutter okay, that isn’t the kind of head I am talking about. Pervs 😉

HEADS is the title of the brand new single that 3.0 (fka Luckyiam) recently released. All of the proceeds are going directly to aid the hurricane efforts in Puerto Rico. Yes. All of the money… Not a part of it, not a portion, not “almost all of it plus a fee”. The entire amount of the money made off the sale of this single will be donated directly to helping an island of people that the entire Trump administration seems to be wholly ignoring.

Resident Stoner: So I noticed that you have a real affinity for Puerto Rico, and really just Latinxs in general. You are also VERY open about your firm hatred of Donald Trump. What is the message that you are sending with Heads?

3.0: The message I am sending with HEADS is that not only am I one of the best, most fun, most entertaining rappers in the world — but I am also someone willing to do what our piece of shit ass government isn’t — help others. In the song itself I mentioned vacationing in Puerto Rico, and when I was there I fell in love with all of it; food, music, beaches, women, all that shit. So it only made sense that I should donate all the proceeds to the cause of helping rebuild it.

Music with a message is always important, but music that stands for something? That is even better so make sure that you actually click the link below and BUY the damn song. Trust me, if you cannot spare a dollar for some dope music and to support a people literally devastated beyond imagination, than please take ALL this side-eye that I am throwing at you.


Much like really good sex, HEAD(s) is just the beginning of this story. While we have gotten to talk about this single, we haven’t addressed the very obvious elephant in the room — who the hell is 3.0, and what did he do with Luckyiam?

Fuck Luckyiam -- but I mean that in the best way possible

Fuck Luckyiam — but I mean that in the best way possible

Resident Stoner: Okay so now we know what HEADS is all about, but I really want to talk about 3.0. For the last 15 years we have known and loved you as Luckyiam and now we need to get to know and love this new you. So, why the name change?

3.0: Well to be real, 3.0 is simply the upgrade of Luckyiam! I am better than ever. At the beginning of this year I ended up completely changing my life, and I mean real fucking changes. Quit doing drugs, quit drinking alcohol, changed my eating habits for the better, and even joined this dope gym in Santa Monica called Equinox. Things just got fucking clear after that. More importantly music wise, this is the FIRST time I have ever recorded music with a truly 100% clear signal. Basically I am fucking DEADLY right now. I am not Luckiyam anymore, 3.0 is a new chapter.

Resident Stoner: New chapters are dope. But we both know that you are going to have a lot of fans looking for Luckyiam and not finding him anymore, especially with Legends on tour for HTGSC — is there a message you want to send to them?

3.0: I wanna thank the fans who REALLY FUCK with ME. Just because you are a Living Legends fan doesn’t mean you are going to fuck with with 3.0 — but for those that do, I SEE yall and I GOT yall. All you other struggle-ground hip hop fans can kiss my black ass.

Resident Stoner: Welp. There you go — that definitely was a message. To be real though, I want to know what prompted this new chapter. Usually that type of shit comes from something??

3.0: TBH, it was my breakup that prompted the whole life switch. I got out of a 7 year relationship in late December of last year. They say 7 years is the time for the cycling of cells for a rebirth, and it was definitely my time. Plus they say that the best revenge on an ex is to GLOW THE FUCK UP. So I’m extra fucking shiny nowadays. *shrug*

It was more realness from 3.0, fka Luckyiam than I was expecting, but it really started to put everything into place.

Not just for who he was, but who he is becoming.

Who among us has not wanted to shed the skin of a former relationship? Who hasn’t wished to wake up someday and just be someone completely fucking different than who we were the day before? His answer opened up more for my own mind than he probably intended because his words served as a beautiful reminder that we all go through the same shit, regardless of our status in the world, and sometimes even the best of us need to fucking regroup. There is beauty in the chaos — you just gotta let the glow up happen.

Resident Stoner: Do you think it has changed the music you make?

3.0: I’m the best now — and I am not just talking about Living Legends. I am the best rapper categorically on earth. No disrespect to any of my colleagues, but NOBODY can fuck with me.

Resident Stoner: Damn, bold statement.

3:0: You’ll see when you watch us perform next month. I promise you. I have always had a great stage presence — but now issa problem. It’s 3.0 shit.

Resident Stoner: Well let’s keep going then fuck it, what’s next on the horizon?

3.0: I have studio sessions all day Friday, and a video shoot for HEADS. After that I am back in the studio with Left Brain (of Odd Future) on Sunday to finish up our project.

Resident Stoner: Fucking PAUSE. Left Brain x You? Doooooooppppppppppe

3.0: You gotta hear the music we made — I am actually releasing a single next week from it and donating ALL the proceeds to the NorCal fire victims.

Resident Stoner: Shit send it to me when it’s done and we can blast that out too. I wanted to ask real quick before we sort of wind down on this, tell me about your team? I notice you show hella love for Team 3.0 and don’t publicly fuck with many other folks. Besides me 😉 — so who and what is team 3.0?

3.0: Whew, I thought you would never ask! (yes his corny ass put it like that lol) Team 3.0 is a fucking movement. It ain’t a rap crew, it ain’t a clique, it ain’t a gang or whatever other word you wanna use. It is a collective of entrepreneurs, creatives, DJs, producers, filmmakers, writers, activists, a battle rapper (Hollow da Don) and even Rileydoot, my pitbull is part of the team. We are a team made up of people that are only about the LEVEL UP life, with the sole purpose to make the world better. Help people. Level up as a community. You should go and check all of them out now.

Resident Stoner: How do I find them?

3.0: They are the ONLY people I follow on my IG account (@luckydoot1) so go find em and follow em.

He may still be Luckyiam in folks heads — but my heart tells me that 3.0 is a change for the better. Tommy (that’s his real ass name) has grown up and glown up and I don’t think there will be anyone that can stop him from murdering the hip hop game all over again. Reborn as a new muthafucka, I cannot wait until he BLOOPs the fuck out of all yall.

……. let me guess, you wondering what the fuck BLOOP is too?

Don’t trip — I asked.

Resident Stoner: Shit, I forgot to ask you! I keep seeing you say BLOOP on your IG and talking about sending out BLOOP stickers to fans. Inquiring mind(mine) wanna know — what the fuck is bloop?

3.0: You know that sound effect you make when you poke someone in the nose to get their attention or wake them up? “Bloop

Resident Stoner: …. yeah?

3.0: This is me metaphorically waking folks the fuck up.

Resident Stoner: YUP we ending this interview right there. There will be no better closing line than that. Stop talking.

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This is only the beginning — stay tuned as I sit down with 3.0, The Grouch, Scarub, Sunspot Jonz and more to talk about How the Grouch Stole Christmas: the tour, the future (of them all separately, and together), and the fact that one, or better still, all of these dudes need to smoke me out ASAP — I am the resident stoner after all.

Please, for the love of God get your damn tickets to HTGSC before it sells out. I absolutely PROMISE you I will not put you on guestlist. The link is below.


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Until next time yall.




Olivia Monahan

October 18th, 2017

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