Rolling Loud: The High Five – Day One

Well, that was a trip. One for the record books…

Exactly two weeks ago, I was asked to cover Rolling Loud Festival. As the Resident Stoner, I cannot say that I was surprised — I mean the proof is in the title of the festival — I belonged there. As the damn near THIRTY-FIVE year old Resident Stoner, I have to admit I was a little surprised that they wanted me around. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I am not the oldest human on earth, and certainly not the oldest stoner chick who loves hip hop and rolling loudly… Let’s face it though, it was very possible that I was going to be the oldest person there that weekend. I mean in all reality, most festivals target that early to late 20 something range. The ones who have less responsibilities, more willingness to stand for 12 hours straight while surviving off churros and cheap beer, and something else that I don’t have anymore — the excitement.

I don’t mean the excitement for music, because fuck that, I have a ridiculous love of music; especially hip hop. The excitement that I am referring to is the way you feel when you are heading out with a group of friends, staying 6 people to one motel room with cheap bottles of alcohol and bad weed to roll up with for pregaming, knowing you are going to spend every penny you have on bad food and questionable decisions for an entire weekend.

It had been a hot minute since I felt that kind of excitement. That reckless abandon felt more freeing than you can possibly understand in the moment. I wanted to see if I could re-create that feeling for myself, or at least absorb the energy of all the youngsters that did (ha) but I knew there was only one way I was going to make it happen, and that was with some ride or die broads that I could trust to be involved. I pulled my photographer Vanessa (aka KannabisKween) and Shawntay, and we got ready to make the trip.

With our powers combined

With our powers combined



photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

We got to Mountainview just in time to load up and load in. Media could check in whenever, but our goal had been to get there, do a lap, make sure there wasn’t any issues, and then roll back to the hotel to blaze and eat before the night shows began. As we cut through the crowds and entered through gates that we weren’t supposed to while hundreds of folks stood packed in lines getting the proverbial pat down and “your bag is too big” speech, I couldn’t help but give that smug ass smirk that you give when you don’t have to put up with that bullshit.

Why yes, my bag is too big, and no, I don’t care. #Media

Enough shit talk, let’s get to the good shit — the music.

Nope. I’m not just exclaiming a random sound effect. Swoosh was the artist we walked in on as our first artist of the Rolling Loud experience. None of us had heard his music, and we weren’t 100 percent sure who he was (ok we weren’t really 10 percent sure lets be fucking real) but we were immediately drawn in by this guy. I have been to many a festival and it can be a struggle to get the audiences pumped or geeked for the 2pm show. It’s mad early, if you are local you are staying home until at least 5, and some folks just AREN’T high enough yet to be at peak turn up.

Swoosh didn’t give a fuck about ANY of that shit because he came out ready to smack everybody with his energetic ass. You can tell he is young, and ready to give you a show, and that’s exactly what he did. He had that crowd lit from the gate, and it was dope to watch.

From the sidelines of course — I surely was not turning up that early. I was DEFINITELY not high enough.

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

Take a listen below

Not the easiest name to spell, but definitely an easy act to remember. Have you HEARD of these guys before?! Their performance is still indelibly burned into my brain and has yet to make its way out of my brainwaves, they were that dope live. Oh, and let me preface by saying that throughout their show there was a massive unicorn ambling about the stage. Just thought you should know that

Just a man and his unicorn - photo credit Liv Styler

Just a man and his unicorn – photo credit Liv Styler

Ok now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of the crew. Seshollowaterboyz are made up of four LA rappers, Bones, Eddy Baker, Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis — and let me tell you these four made up some of the most ridiculous energy I saw all show. Standout for me was Nino Brown, but in reality the entire set was hard to look away from because of the electricity that emanated from them all. I will say for myself though, Bones and Eddy Baker were the dynamic duo of this crew. They were like live wires, and all you could do was watch to see where they would land. Eddy was part Ice Cube part homie that lives down the street….

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

And then there’s Bones…

Bones is weird as fuck, not gonna lie. He does NOT look like he is going to have much power in his voice and then he literally comes out and screams you into believing in him. It’s like if death metal and hip hop had a hella weird ass baby. Go check my IG page and see what I am talking about, I have some video up (@thelivstyler) to really see JUST how insane this dude is.

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish


Ok let’s address it because it is something that is important to talk about.

Ace Boogie wit a Hoodie x PNB Rock jumped BasedGod at Rolling Loud. They jumped him on some straight ass cowardly bitch shit. They jumped him with about 15 guys, even though Lil B, aka BasedGod came without an entourage and security, or without anyone to really be watching for him. Lil B is LITERALLY the nicest rapper alive, and these fucks jumped he because he talked crap about these new NY cats sounding like Dej Loaf.

AKA they jumped him for telling the truth…. oops.

Fuck Ace Boogie and PNB Rock. I know Lil B forgave, but I don’t do it that easily. You do not come into OUR fucking home state and attack BasedGod. He is CLEARLY better than me. To credit Rolling Loud, both acts were immediately dropped from the lineup — but more problematic for me was these ‘Doin it for the gram’ hoes that sat around and video taped him being attacked. Coward ass fucks.

We were only able to capture ONE picture of the elusive myth known as BasedGod, as he came out on stage to let us know what had happened, that he loved us, and that his spirit would never be broken.

The Elusive BasedGod -photo credit Vanessa Parrish

The Elusive BasedGod -photo credit Vanessa Parrish

The crowd though…

photo credit: Liv Styler

photo credit: Liv Styler

Hey guess what — I STILL do not know how the fuck to pronounce this dudes name properly BUT he puts on one clusterfuck of a show. In a matter of three songs I had managed to watch him

1. Almost jump on top of me when he left the stage
2. Looked at me like I was a damn snack (see reference pic below)
3. Strip down (nice abs kid)
4. Incite a mini riot in a mosh pit
5. Assault someone (in defense?) in that mosh pit
6. Turn a bunch of 20 somes into screaming, frothing, turned up zombies

'Issa Snack' photo credit: Liv Styler

‘Issa Snack’ photo credit: Liv Styler

I still don’t listen to his music, but best believe I will try and catch him live again, because it is a fucking TRIP to watch

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish


There should have been no doubt in your mind that Lil Wayne was going to be my highlight of Saturday — the man is a living legend. Someone who has been making records SINCE THE 99 AND 2000. Tunechi has been making music longer than some of these kids in the audience had been alive. If this man had busted out Back That Ass Up — it is HIGHLY possible that most would be clueless on its origins, or even worse, think it was a brand new song. That is how long Weezy has been fucking up the game.

Coming off of some majorly serious health issues (seizures caused by…. well… you fill in your own blank on that one) me and the squad were wholly convinced that he wasn’t going to show up. Recently booked as the headliner for the once-again defunct Paid Dues (we miss you Murs) this past summer, he hadn’t been seen on many headlining bills as of late and for those of us who pay attention, we were worried.

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish


Wayne came out on stage and shut us up with a true quickness.

This was Lil Wayne in all his glory. Smiles. Energy. Excitement. This is where he belonged, and it was clear.

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

photo credit: Vanessa Parrish

I know there were dozens of acts that day, and all these artists brought their A game to the stage but… Wayne brought THE game. You can’t copy cat this dudes swag, you cannot mimic his energy, and let’s face it…

It’s Young Wayne on them hoes…

photo credit: The Liv Styler

photo credit: The Liv Styler

AKA Mr Make it Rain on Them Hoes
Ok so the verdict from Day One?

Surprisingly dope — but I won’t lie to you — Day Two lineup was WAY more stacked than Day One, so stay tuned for the High Five – Day Two installment coming tomorrow. I would suggest this though, do not miss out on Rolling Loud LA, because that line up is just as stacked as this one.

Ticket link below

Then after that, go follow me, because you know you love me just a little bit <3

— Olivia Monahan
aka Liv Styler
aka The Resident Stoner

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Olivia Monahan

November 1st, 2017

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