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Put Your Lips on Tree…. Thomas

You like that title don’t you? I can’t help it, I do too. It’s a lyric from one of Tree Thomas’ new songs off his latest release ‘Tree is Love” EP, which is a partner project produced by Trippy Sanders, artist and all-around weirdo (in the best way though I swear, just in case he reads this <3)

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Released late last night on Soundcloud, the lead single ‘FACXX’ which features production from Bay Area favorite Daghe, is already reaching towards the 15k play mark and I sense it is going to just keep climbing. Ha. Get it? Climbing… Tree (he smokes weed, he’s 6’8 and he is fine as hell so I assume women want to climb him like a tree, hence the name) has been consistently putting music out in for the last few years, but I have a feeling that this EP and his future releases are going to be the thing that solidifies him as a force to be reckoned with, especially in California. Tree just has that vibe about him.

I got the chance to talk with him a little about the album, the single with Daghe, the future, and …. just how often he gets asked if he plays basketball.

Resident Stoner: “Holy fuck you’re 6’8? Jesus, how the fuck did I not notice that?”

He sort of laughed at me after that one, cleary but come the fuck on, I mean how the hell am I supposed to tell from a picture of him sitting down that he is literally the same height as some tiny houses that hispters live in? Moving on.

RS: “Okay so my first question then, is how often do you get asked if you are a basketball player, and does it still annoy you? I know it isn’t music related but still…”

Tree Thomas: *actually laughs out loud* “I used to get hella annoyed by it, but I am pretty used to it now.”

RS: “Ok I am sorry, I just had to get that shit out of the way. LOL. So lets move on to the music. For the folks who don’t know who Tree Thomas or aren’t really sure what you’re all about — what are they going to learn about you with this project?”

TT: “Through this project they are going to learn that every one makes mistakes, including me. They are going to learn that I struggle a lot with my inner self and where my heart really lies sometimes. They are going to learn that I love hard and may love too much some times. They are going to learn how passionate I am about my music and my musical journey. They are going to learn that I love myself a lot lol.. I believe that real love starts wit self love. They are going to learn that I love where I’m from and what it has helped me grow to be…”

RS: “Damn, that’s a lot to learn from a 5 song EP.”

TT: “laughs* “Didn’t know what kinda answer you were looking for.”

RS: “Just looking for the answers that are real… that was a good answer. So you sort of have an old soul energy to me, how old are you?”

TT: *Crickets*

Listening to the album, you definitely get the vibes of who Tree is and what he is striving for. The intro off the EP starts off with a soulful guitar intro that has just the right amount of smooth and crunch to it, much like Thomas’ voice which is deep, soothing, but also scratchy enough to tell you this fool been smoking backwoods for a minute. As a stoner, I can appreciate that, as a music lover I can listen to it for hours, and as a woman… well… look don’t worry bout what I am thinking, just know it’s good 😉

RS: “So I have to ask, what made you choose FACXX (featuring prod. by Trippy Sanders x DAGHE) as the lead off single? Because I have to be honest, I think ‘THAT’S LOVE’ off the album is THE one for me. It definitely has that vibe that makes you wanna loop it…”

TT: “I love That’s Love… I just felt like FACXX was upbeat and different from anything I’ve done before though, and is also one of my favorites of the EP, so why not, right?”

RS: “Makes sense. Soooooooo for real, how old are you? And where can folks find updates about your music? What if we want to catch you on tour? Shit like that.

TT: “You can tell them to stay tuned to for tour updates. Oh and I just turned 28 last month.”

RS: “Awwww I thought you were even younger than that, but happy late birthday!”

TT: “Thank you for the birthday wishes. When is your birthday?”

RS: “Valentine’s Day. You missed it but I will let it slide this time — you will just be HELLA prepared for my next one. But I will be sure to remind you”

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This new project is one that you should have already started to press play on, but just in case you haven’t — here is the link for the
Soundcloud below. Go forth, press play, and thank me later. It has equal parts love, sex, and emotions mixed in with some trippy beats and true reflection. Turns out that Tree is Love, and he wants to share that with as many people as he can. Let him share his world with you like he did with me.

Now if you will excuse me, Imma go put my lips on tree….

…. I’m gonna smoke a blunt! Get your mind out the gutter.

— Olivia Monahan
aka The Resident Stoner

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Olivia Monahan

October 27th, 2017

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