Rolling Loud: The High Five – Day Two

Okay okay I know I am a little late on the day two roll up for Rolling Loud Fest but I swear to Yeezus I had the best freaking reasons why there was a delay, and one of them was something that was a direct result of this festival so it almost seems appropriate that I be late.

…Also, let’s face it. My high ass is rarely on time. So, there’s that.

Since we are being honest with each other, I gotta say, after day one I was absolutely fucking exhausted. I straight up went back to the hotel, filled up the bathtub with scalding hot water, and soaked with no intention of ever leaving the almost-uncomfortable heat of the water until my entire muscular structure was a loose, almost gelatinous consistency. Until each knot, or tension dissipated into steam.

Still though, in spite of the sheer readiness to curl into a ball and sleep for a week, my mental was so insanely stoked for day two. I crashed out that night physically spent, but mentally ready for what was coming Sunday.

“Why Liv?”

Damn it readers, why did you have to ask me that? Ugh fine, you twisted my arm. I was more excited for Sunday because day two of Rolling Loud had a far superior lineup than day one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Saturday because there were some standouts for sure, but there was no comparison to the mainey ass madness that went down on Sunday’s line up. So without further ado — let’s roll up and go walk down memory lane with me.

dramatic interpretation of my high ass

dramatic interpretation of my high ass



I don’t think Isaiah Rashad is from this planet. I am wholly convinced that he has to be some sort of otherworldly being sent from the hip hop gawds to bless my eardrums. Like have you ever talked about an artist so much to so many people that you wonder if they have gotten completely sick of you yet? That is me and Isaiah Rashad. I said it in my preview that 90% of the reason I said yes to the show was because he was on the bill, and I meant that shit with all my heart. There is nothing at Rolling Loud that topped the young Billy Batson for me.

Kick down the door of opportunity -- Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Kick down the door of opportunity — Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

“Alright so I know this is a festival which means that a lot of you muthafuckers have no idea who I am, and I don’t speak mumble so…”

Rashad had no qualms about admitting to himself, and the audience, that his talents didn’t really fit in there, but that is what made him the stand out for me — his absolute IDGAF attitude melded with his passionate delivery and, most importantly, his raw fucking talent.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Parrish

Photo Credit: Vanessa Parrish



Okay can we please talk about how much I fucking love this woman live? I won’t lie, I hadn’t heard much of her music before I went and saw her show. I think I might be one of those weird music bloggers who sometimes prefers NOT listening to someones music before I see them live, at least not when it’s gonna be my first time experiencing their artistry. Is that weird?

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Probably but oh well. I feel like it gives me a chance to walk in with an open mind. It allows me, as someone who is there reviewing the SHOW to not bias my opinion on an album, or vice versa. Getting the opportunity to see Kodie Shane proved to me exactly why I stick with that philosophy because I had so much fun watching her live. Rarely have I been given the opportunity to watch someone who is relatively new to 10k + crowds oome onto a stage with such an amazing presence. From her amazing energy to her ridiculous facial expressions, she came out as a powerhouse — a force to be reckoned with in baby braids and gold grills.

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

I took 6000+ pictures at this show and going through the set that had her in it was one of my favorite things to do, because each picture just shined with joy. I couldn’t tell you what the title of her first mixtape, but I could tell you unequivocally that I will go back and see her perform over and over again if given the opportunity.

Muthafkn Spitta Andretti. Can I tell you that my entire heart SOARED when I saw his set getting ready. You know why? Because Curren$y brought musicians with him on stage to play along side him. A bad-ass bassist and bassist set off what would end up being a solid set from top to finish. I had been originally wondering if there were going to be any folks in the crowd that were truly about that Jet Life, but it turns out a good portion of that audience was hardcore fucking with Spitta. I turned around to look into the crowd a good amount of times only to find hella kids turning the fuck up on that Pilot Talk.

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Since we keeping 100, there was such a difference watching Curren$y versus some of the other artists who were on the Saturday bill. Spitta had insane crowd participation, was able to establish a connection with his audience, even the ones who had no idea who he was before they said his name, and kept people going consistently from start to finish.

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Some of Saturday’s performers didn’t inspire me to do anything besides take a nap.

I’m looking at you 21. Old sleepy ass boring ass muthafucka.

I digress
4. P-LO

How the FUCK do you not love P-LO? This dude is a Bay area staple, with his goofy grin and iced out grill.

“So I was in LA yesterday when I got the call that Rolling Loud wanted me to be on the show, and I was like… fuck it. I ain’t got shit else to do today — so I’m here, what the fuck is up Yay area?!”

To clarify, P-Lo was a swing-for-the-fences last resort artist that they had to call up at the last minute because of bitch ass PNB Rock, the second group that was involved in the jumping of Lil B (#ProtectLilBAtAllCosts) getting dropped from the show for obvious reasons. Despite being a last minute addition, he was one of the best live performances of the festival, both Saturday and Sunday.

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Dude goes S-T-U-P-I-D. In fact if you run through the pics I took of this dude fast enough, it looks like the most turnt-up flip book you have ever seen. P-Lo is the pure embodiment of that northern California Bay area energy that I could not picture hip hop withou, and thank Yeezus I don’t have to because this is all a part of the beauty that makes up hereditary hyphy passed on through the generations. It’s a legacy.

Good call Rolling Loud

Yes you are reading it right — Rashad is in here twice. That’s how fucking good he is.

Technicolor Rap Gawd -- Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Technicolor Rap Gawd — Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

So that is it! My High Five – Day Two wrap up. I hope you got the chance to take an extra little glimpse into the world of Rolling Loud, but moreover the talented gems of awesome that were sprinkled throughout that line up. I know that some traditional hip hop fans might shy away from this one, but don’t sleep on it. There were definitely some diamond in the roughnecks.


Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Photo Credit: Olivia Monahan

Remember when I mentioned earlier that some really amazing things had been happening in my world lately, and one of those things was directly related to this festival? Okay well, after Rolling Loud I started posting the pics I got on my IG to share with folks all the awesome that I had experienced.

One of the pics was a black and white pic of Isaiah Rashad — and on that post, I wrote an open letter to the Universe. I thanked it for all the blessings I had been receiving, and took a shot in asking for one thing — All I wanted for Christmas was an interview with Isaiah Rashad…

The Universe heard me. The hip hop gawds oblige and I am honestly just in awe of it all.

Rolling Loud Fest — Liv tested, Stoner approved.

The tickets are on sale now for the SoCal show now, with a lineup that is just as stacked, though a smidge different than the Bay.


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Olivia Monahan

November 10th, 2017

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