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How The Grouch Stole Christmas 2017

Hip hop in Sacramento is having a really major year thanks to a few different entities bringing in some quality talent, and Novemeber is definitely reaping the rewards of it in a major way as Corey Scoffern aka The Grouch, brings his 11th incarnation of the infamous How The Grouch Stole Christmas tour to Ace of Spades on Nov 29th.

The tour, which begins the day before the Sac show in Petaluma and ends Dec 14th in LA, is boasting an alternating lineup of ridiculously talented heavy hitters in the California hip hop game. I am talking straight up legends. *drum riff*

Get it? Because I am talking about the Living Legends? No? Not funny? Alright cool moving on..


The full line up is:
The Grouch
Del the Funky Homosapien
Hieroglyphics (yup all of em)
Living Legends (yup all of em)
DJ Fresh Fresh
DJ Abilities

Take a minute to let all that sink in… How often do you get a lineup that gives you start to finish, top to bottom, real ass hip hop.

Let’s be honest and really talk about something. Hip hop, it’s current state, and the level of the live shows that come with them. There are so many mumble-down struggle rappers out there that are putting on shows that have bored me to literal tears over the last couple of years. Whether it’s the lean, the apathy, or the fact that most of them are literally JUST in it to make a quick dollar and fuck some chicks they never would have had the chance to be with originally, there are so many of these rappers that

A. Sound the same
B. Just fucking stand their and rap into a microphone — barely
C. Sound. The. Fucking. Same

You get my point.

I had been waiting for Corey to announce this tour for months because honestly, I need it. It’s like cutting your hair after a bad break up and starting fresh — HTGSC is a palate cleanser for my new year. A way to knock off all the excess mumble and purify myself in the realness.



Fuck yes I am ready for this show

Along for the Sacramento sleigh ride on this ho-ho-holiday line up is Del the Funky Homosapien, along with DJ Fresh and DJ Abilities and a few other surprise guests that have yet to be announced — I can’t tell you either because I have a feeling 3.0 will shmurder me — but TRUST me when I say it is definitely going to be worth the price of admission.

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be releasing some exclusive interviews and content with The Grouch, 3.0 (fka Luckyiam), Scarub, Sunspot Jonz and (fingers crossed) Del. I am also going to be giving away a few sets tickets to the show later this month because Ace of Spades is fucking amazing and hooked me up.

In order to win you will have to pay attention — I will announce the details soon.

But we BOTH know that you really shouldn’t wait in the hopes of winning something, because it more than likely won’t happen for you. Many will enter, one will win. So just in case, click the link below and make sure to get your tickets now.


Liv tested, Stoner approved.

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Olivia Monahan

November 8th, 2017

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