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Almost Here: Vic Mensa is bringing the mainey to Golden 1 Center


That’s me when it comes to Vic Mensa in a nutshell. Just in case you missed my MAJORLY lengthy album review of “The Autobiography” which broke down every reason that I think this is going to be the album that breaks Vic into a new realm of the hip hop stratosphere — the one where the current GOATs float. While he may not be as polished as a Kendrick or as verbally ground-breaking as Tyler, the Creator, but there is something that Vic has layered within his bars that sets him apart.

Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images

Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images

A pure, raw, and unadulterated grittiness. A punk rock aesthetic in a hip hop lifestyle.

I remember the first time I got the chance to really hear Inannetape. My best friend Sean (of DLRN) was opening for him at one of the college stops he was doing at CSU East Bay. I hadn’t really heard TOO much about the kid, other than he was Chance’s cousin and that he had a kinda unique style to him. When I finally got the chance to check the mixtape out, I was impressed and surprised. The intro started off in a frenetic sort of acid-jazz-crash that felt like an oddly refreshing slap in the face….

… what can I say, maybe I like it a little rough sometimes.


*winks and raises eyebrows suggestively*

Here is the thing about that kind of energy. It is hard to maintain through an entire album and tour, let along through multiple releases and multiple shows over the course of years. Innanetape has only been out for 4 years, but in that fleeting time Vic Mensa has managed to establish himself as a true force to be reckoned with and, possibly, the rebirth of a new era of Roc Nation.
Like I said though, that energy is not the easiest thing to maintain, yet he has managed to create an atmosphere at his shows that harken back to a time of back alley bars, CBGB grime, and a sort of leather-and-spikes sensibility that feels more like a being in the middle of a punk show at Blue Lamp than in a crowded arena show for hip hop. Bodies crashing together, arms flailing, a mixture of long hair and locks flying through the air as swarms of fans pour their heart and soul into his presence, as Vic reciprocates back by feeding them a portion of his life force.


Vic has been to Sacramento a few times before, but this time will be different. While the person and energy is the same, the vibe itself is completely different. He is going to be performing in front of arena sized crowds that, lets face it, are predominantly there to see one of the GOATs in human form. Jay-Z and his most recent release 4:44 does not make it easy to be the opener for that kind of show. In the hip hop realm its like opening for the Beatles, but all you have is a ukulele and tambourine. There are VERY few folks that would have been up to that kind of challenge back then, and in the hip hop realm there are very folks who would be able to withstand that challenge now.

I’m not worried though. Vic Mensa is one of those folks. He is going to give an intense amount of energy and life into that set, and to be honest, I am almost betting that his set will be visually more spectacular, exciting and energizing to watch than Hov. That’s just my opinion, but let’s face it. There is not a turned up bone in Hova’s body, so his performance will be lackadaisical at best. Vic is going to end up showing him up.

And I am hella here for it.

Bucket List Achievement

1. Vic Mensa live show — Unlocked

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 10:  Rapper Vic Mensa performs onstage at MTV's "Wonderland" LIVE Show on November 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for MTV) *** Local Caption *** Vic Mensa

(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for MTV) Vic Mensa

Tickets for the show are onsale now at Livenation and Ticketmaster. Please don’t wait til the last minute.

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November 15th, 2017

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