On tour in Sacramento

Rolling thru Sacramento: The California Harvest Tour

Hitting the tail end of their California Harvest Tour, Aceyalone, Equipto, Aplus, Zman and DJ True Justice are hitting Momo’s tonight to lace Sacramento with some classic hip hop vibes — and you should be there, because it’s gonna be a great Monday show AND I am bringing the Stonerettes out with me. Just saying, three is better than one 😉

Separately each of these artists pack a punch, but for this tour they have come together to form a hip hop Voltron, bringing high energy, high impact lyrics — and lets face it, its the California Harvest Tour so I am hoping they bring all kinds of HIGH with him. (Insert stoned-ass laughter) I got the chance to talk with all of the guys as they traversed the open roads of the US on a journey to bring that Cali love everywhere.

Resident Stoner: What’s good guys? Thank you for taking the time to sit and chat with me. So this question is for everyone — how did this tour come about? Were you just sitting around a table with a blunt in hand, a la the 70s and it suddenly hit you guys?

True Justice: I can answer that one because technically I am the one that put it together. I had been working on a South/Midwest tour for myself, Aceyalone and Zman — but then a friend of mine hit me asking if I could help secure for dates for A-Plus and Equipto and the lightbulbs went off in my head. All of us are going after the same fanbase, we’re all good friends who have toured together before, so why not? We used the Flint date as an anchor and just built up from there.

RS: So you’re the mastermind huh?

TJ: I always am…


While True may be the mastermind (his words guys, I never take sides or choose favorites) but he is just one of many of the heavy hitters coming with this show, one of whom is Freestyle Fellowship founder and OG Aceyalone, who I used to have a major musical crush on back in the day.

RS: Okay so my next question is for Acey — First before I start let me just let you know that I love you. Ok moving on though, my question is actually in regards to hip hop on the whole — you and Freestyle Fellowship were credited for creating a whole new vibe in the California scene. Your use of double time rhymes was nearly unprecedented. You were also someone who spoke out quite a bit on the “gangsta rap” movement that was popularized by mainstream media in the 90s. Now twenty years later the hip hop has changed into a completely different vibe — less thug life and more mama didn’t give me enough hugs life. How are you feeling about the evolution of the genre.

Aceyalone: I think things are finally starting to come around and I am glad to be here for it. Give thanks always.


RS: Welp. There you go — not the answer I was thinking was going to come, but I will ask you more about that after the show. Speaking on the evolution of music and the new fans that come with it, Equipto. I wanted to ask you something — You have been extremely active in the political sector of life the past few years. Do you believe that with a whole new wave of activists looking for music to connect to, do you feel like you have gained a new fan base?

Equipto: I wouldn’t say I have gained a whole new fan base, but I think I have gained a lot more support from the people of my community. Though some of my actions may have put me into a certain spotlight — it’s really the love, compassion and sacrifice that has been shown to me by the actions of the people that have been the most humbling thing.


RS: Bless up that is always a beautiful thing to hear that the love is being reciprocated. You guys are all so equally passionate about what you do and it definitely shows, which brings me to my next question. This one is for APlus. I might be biased because I have thrown shows with you on the bill before, but I know your work ethic is ridiculous. With Hiero about to hit the road for some of the How The Grouch Stole Christmas tour dates, and the last month that you have been touring with the Cali Harvest Tour — how do you keep up with it?



Situations like this aren’t out of the ordinary for me. I have done back to back over lapping tours with Del and Souls of Mischief, only to come home afterwards, grab my kids and hit the studio for weeks. I also work with FYR non-profit in San Francisco, on top of working in the wellness industry. Let’s face it, I’m Jamaican, and juggling numerous responsibilities are normal for me. I grind for real and have always been this way.

RS: Hustle game strong. Now last but not least — ZMAN!! I love your art, both in music and in your drawing/paintings. What have you been working on lately?

ZMan: I am working on all kinds of new music — both writing and recording. An EP called “Animal Slavery” which is basically a second part to “Don’t Forget to Brag” is in the works, on top of another full length album called “Two Cups of Spit” and I’m doing all of the artwork for both of them. Actually in terms of my art, I am actually going to be working on a Zmainey Zdazzle coloring book soon — definitely putting in work for sure.


RS: Well damn. You guys all sound busy as fuck, so I appreciate that you took the time to talk to me. I definitely have more questions for you guys but I will save it for the show and a blunt. Safe travels, see you guys soon!
So that’s my preview with the California Harvest Tour but I am more excited about the actual show, which is tonight! Tickets are still available online so get them now and come smoke a blunt with me and the Stonerettes tonight <3

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Olivia Monahan

November 20th, 2017

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