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#5 Reasons to check out Vic Mensa on the 4:44 tour

So the 4:44 Tour featuring the soon-to-be legend Vic Mensa and always-been-a-legend Jay Z is coming to Golden 1 Center in exactly five days, and what better way is there to celebrate my excitement than to give you the top five reasons why YOU need to get your tickets IMMEDIATELY?!

Have you gotten them? Shit, lets face it — this is Sacramento and as per the usual the show will sell out at the last minute. We procrastinating muthafuckas, no need to deny it. We embrace, and move on.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons you need to have your ass planted in those seats come Dec 17th:

1. The Rebirth of the Roc

Being marked for greatness by a willing audience of listeners is already a ton of pressure. Being marked to be the rebirth of a record label that has been highly established as one of the top contenders in the music industry — by the head of the label — who ALSO happens to be muthafkn H to the Izzo — V to the Izzay…



That is weighty. Trust me when I say if Vic wasn’t up to the task of it, I would not have listed this as a reason, let alone the number one reason. I have faith that Vic’s unique blend of punk rock sensibilities, rachet-wokeness, and genuinely being a decent human/artists to his fans is a proof enough for me that this is going to be something truly special.

2. I have yet to see a bad review for his live shows — and I went back as far as 2014 looking for one.

Whether a review from an overseas publication in London, a hometown write up in Chicago, or somewhere in between, there have yet to be any bad reviews that I could find when it comes to talking about the performance, the energy, the magnetism that is Vic Mensa. From his first introduction to the scene in 2014, to his soon to be headlining tours, Vic shows NO signs of slowing down.


“I went into Vic Mensa with somewhat tempered expectations and left with my body exhausted and my heart pounding.” — Adam Thiessen, Detroit Metro Times

“Vic Mensa was somehow able to inject a 30minute opening gig with the theatrics and variety of a full headline show. He was an incredible live-performer” — RESPECT publication

“When Vic finally hits the stage (with about 45 minutes left to perform before he’ll be forced to pay a hefty fine), he commands the attention of the room immediately…A few miles away at The O2 Arena, Future is performing hit after hit for an eager crowd of almost 20,000 but there’s no feeling of regret in the air. Every person in the room wants to be here.” — New Hip Hop Musik Shop, London.

3. This is his last opening show EVER

Na but for real though, this is it. There will never be a time in Vic Mensa’s career where he will be opening for another artist again, and while that may not SEEM like a big deal to some — to me this is huge. This means that he is literally going to give HIS ALL on each and every performance, because he has to make it bigger, better, stronger than anyone ever expected him to be.

And he will. I feel it.

4. Rolling Like a Stoner

It’s in the song, it’s in the message, it’s guaranteed to be lit. Vic Mensa is a tried and true stoner and there is DEFINITELY a chance that imma smoke a blunt or twelve with him.


Don’t trip Vic this is Cali. I got the good good 💜

5. I have yet to feed you bullshit

I know this probably seems a little weird, especially for blogs these days, but someone asked me about this before and it seems a good spot to address it.

I get asked to cover a lot of shows and I get the chance to interview some pretty dope up and coming/established talents. Some shows/artists I get extremely fucking excited for, but for the most part I have turned down a lot more than I’ve accepted.

I don’t cosign a show unless I know damn good and well I support the artists that are performing. It ain’t about the fame or the popularity of the artist — it is about the connection they create. THAT is what inspires me to cover something.

I sincerely fucking cosign Vic.


So. Don’t make me say this again. Get your tickets now before this shit sells out. It will. I’m telling you.




Olivia Monahan

December 12th, 2017

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