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Cash (Campain) Rules Everything Around Him by Fighting for Love

“Let this video be motivation for everyone. To be more present. More vulnerable. More in love with the moment…”

It seems like such a simple statement. A statement that should be easy to abide by. As anyone reading this blog can probably tell you, that shit is a hell of a lot harder than it sounds — as the new video from Sacramento born and Bay Area bred Cash Campain so poignantly illustrates.

We live in the age of social media. An age that has so many of us constantly tethered to a cell phone, waiting to hear that familiar ding of a new notification.

A new like.

A new friend request.

A new option.

What was meant to be able to bring people together, has done that all that and more by allowing us to get wrapped up into a world created by moments that we curate, and pictures that we take at juuuuuuuust the right angle in juuuuuuuust the right light. All so we can hashtag our #wokeuplikethis selves to the world. Meanwhile as we are striving to seek out that virtual thrill, the real-life relationships we attempt to maintain can often times suffer, if not completely fall apart. Ironically, some may not know their relationship is even in trouble.. until the relationship status changes on FB.

Cash Campain isn’t having any of that. Not in the song, not in the video, and not in general.

Taking us on a journey many of us may be all too familiar with, Cash’s new video “Don’t Be That Girl” gives us a behind-the-screen glimpse into the trials and tribulations that so many of us go through.

“Okay before we go in here, I need you to take my picture!… take this camera, come on baby! Mind the light!”

Though the song has yet to kick in, the intro has already painted an extremely familiar picture. How many times have you been out in public, and seen some regular ass folks conducting 10 minute cell phone photo shoots in an attempt to capture the perfect duckface? How many concerts have you attended where 90 percent of the audience was watching the show behind the view screen of their cell phone cameras?

Cam captures the hurt, anger, frustration and sadness that we have all felt as we watch these scenarios play out, and manages to do so in less than three minutes time with this video. I honestly cannot think of anyone that wouldn’t find some form of resonance with this song, this video, and the entire album that it comes from. This song speaks to us all.

And the thing it is trying to tell us… is to put down our phones and listen.

“We don’t remember the moment unless we watch it online. This song is me talking about others, but it is also me talking about myself. Rarely am I exempt from the vices of this world. We can all be more present, both for ourselves and each other.”

With an infectious hook, a hint of turn up, and that smooth ass voice Cash has, this song should definitely be on the listen-smoke-repeat cylce — especially if your significant other happens to be pissing you off at the time. Just saying… lol

Cam gives you the right kind of vibes to get your mind right, and refocus on the things that matter. Plus there is this smooth, almost 90s sensibility about his music that is extremely refreshing amidst the “my man is your man is her man is their man too” messages pervading the airwaves. His music, and the message it sends is a direct reflection of Cam himself — genuine. It’s hard to find in music today, and even harder in people.

Roll a blunt
Sit back
Press play

Now that you had a your first hit, and just in case you want some more Cash (who doesn’t?) — you can stream his new album Valley Hi below.

Cash Campain will be playing at Holy Diver on March 1st with his oft-collaborator (and actual brother) Caleborate for one of Noise Pop Fest’s satellite shows. Despite being from the City of Trees this will actually be Cash’s first hometown show, so #TheStonerettes will definitely be there covering.

Make sure to come thru and chill with us.

Bring a blunt for me 😉

Liv tested
Stoner approved

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Olivia Monahan

January 19th, 2018

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