Come for Ghostface, stay for Pan Dulce — A Peek into the Santa Cruz Music Festival

I mentioned it to you very early on this year that we were trying to get out of our comfort zone this year. While we have been comfortably nestled in the world of hip hop and r&b, we also want to spread our wings and fly to the outer regions of the genres that we have yet to dive into. I mean, sure I have experimented with all kinds. But nothing has quite given me that fix like hip hop. It’s like the best kind of weed, the smoothest whiskey, the most amazing slice of hot pizza smothered with greasy, delicious cheese.

Damn now I am hungry… #stonerlife

Regardless of that, there is so much more out there that a hip hop lover such as myself can appreciate. Which is why #TheStonerettes are excited to be able to offer you the in-depth coverage to the amazing Santa Cruz Music Festival! I will admit that the SCMF crossed my eye earlier this year when I noticed the amazing Ghostface Killah as one of the phase one headliners. I mean, yes, I want to get out of the comfort zone but, once again it’s always nice to have that cushion right?

I mean who doesn’t like a little extra cushion for the pushing #ilikemygirlsbbw

Once I was able to delve a little deeper into the SCMF I began to realize that I was going to be getting myself into some heart thumping, bass pumping madness with my squad, and we are definitely excited for it. There seems to be a real intermingling of genres within the first two phases of this lineup, but I have found a few stand outs that I am more than excited for.
Pretty, Handsome


I am hoping after I give them another few listens I will be able to better classify what genre San Francisco’s Pretty, Handsome actually fits into. For right now I am going to qualify them in the realm of a sort of synthy-pop dreamscape field — the kind where you might find folks like Metric frolicking amongst the grasses. Vocalist Sierra Totten has a tinge of Annie Lennox in her vocal stylings — balancing a blend of rich, deep and sultry. Meanwhile producer Stephen Tucker creates upbeat and bubbly blends that feel light, fizzy and fun, delicately counteracting against Totten’s darkness.

They will definitely be on the must see list for the day.

Mr. Carmack


If you don’t know Mr. Carmack, then you are BASICALLY saying you don’t like joy. Which is nuts because how the hell do you not like music that puts you in the mood to jump, dance, twerk, and throw on the stank-face that indicates to any and all around you that shit is about to get really serious. See illustration below:


From his original productions, to the remixing of today’s best slappers, Mr. Carmack is guaranteed to offer a glow-stick waving, bass pumping, heart thumping set to the Santa Cruz Music Festival for 2018, and I can guarantee that this is going to be one of the ones that both myself and my stonerettes partake in!

Pan Dulce


I am a Chicanx so trust me when I say that I love pan dulce… as a snack. But when it comes to the music of this group I admit I had not heard high nor hair of them before. I was drawn to them because… well lets face it, I am a stoner and I constantly have munchies. Then I actually went and checked out their new EP and was supremely surprised at how awesome they were. They are like if Ana Tijoux decided to grab a full back up band and go on tour, but with a little more melody. They are Aterciopelados if they were still playing in garage. They are a tasty palate cleanser.

Just like an actual pan dulce. Well played guys, well played.

Ghostface Killah


I shouldn’t even had to say shit.
It’s muthafkn Tony Starks
Nuff said.
You know he ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Not one of those names falls into the same category though some might be genre-adjacent. With this festival taking place throughout the entire day in one of my favorite cities in California, I am already stoked — but the fact that it takes place in different venues, giving me the opportunity to take in some of the spots in SC that I might as yet be unfamiliar with, I am going to get the opportunity to really explore something new.

Make sure to go to SCMF now and get your tickers while you can. There will be more lineup announcements coming in February so make sure to stay tuned!

Until then.
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Olivia Monahan

January 31st, 2018

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