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Sacramento Be Like… (First Edition)

OK let me just sort of take a moment to holla at you guys.

As much as I love the big shows, festivals and 10k + crowds — there is actually no better feeling to me than being able to go out and actually support the local talent that exists within my community. For years I have always laughed when people uttered the phrase “Nothing fun ever happens in Sacramento!” because those people clearly don’t know shit about shit. There has been and continues to be so much music, art and talent in this city, and part of my goals for 2018 is to make sure that I am getting out and celebrating it as much as I can. All styles. All genres. All forms.

Without further ado, these are the three shows I have had my eye on this week. Are you heading to any? Let’s catch a vibe together <3

1. Poetry Unplugged Presents: AndYes

“Whether its skeletons, struggle, taboo, politics, or the beautiful chaos that is life, AndYes attacks all angles of the human narrative by incorporating the arts of spoken word, comedy, theatre, monologue, music, and improvisation to provide the audience with an experience that will leave them laughing, crying, and severely entertained.” — the bio formerly used by Ike Torres

In the description above you get a taste of who AndYes is. There is a dry wit, and playfulness, an almost impish quality about AndYes in personality — and in his poetry there is power, vulnerability, chaos and stillness all encased in the playground of AndYes’s mind. The show begins at 8pm and it’s literally TWO dollars to get in.

Lunas Café
1414 16th st


2. Fonty (playing a stripped set) with J.D and Miracle Me at The Lounge

I am actually looking forward to this show for two reasons.

The first is, of course Fonty. Fonty actually stumbled upon my radar thanks to their amazing manager Hannah Foster, who is fairly engrained in the local music scene in Sacramento. Working for LiveNation has definitely given her the ability to discern between the good, bad and awful — and Fonty is definitely in the damn good category. This three piece group has that sort of lo-fi, playing on an old gramophone as the needles catch the scratches, “remember when music was music” sound to them that reminds me of the grunge-tinged days of yore. Which makes me even more excited to check out what they do with a stripped down set.

The second reason is because the show it taking place at a brand new venue space here in Sacramento — The Lounge. Touting an intimate space for artists to play and introduce themselves to the audience, The Lounge is actually run by local event company First Festival. Giving me all the more reason to lend support. (We will be talking about First Fest next week!)

You have to buy tickets online in order to reserve your space:

The Lounge


3. Submerge Mag’s 10th Year Anniversary Party!

I freaking love the guys over at Submerge Magazine. For the last ten years Jonathan and Melissa have put their heart, souls and time into cultivating a music, arts and culture magazine that is completely FREE and covers the gamut of events that grace that stages, venues, and streets of Sacramento. They have been one of the most nurturing and supportive organizations in Sacramento of our local community, so I am going to try my hardest to show love.

Plus. This party is going to be ridiculous — especially if you love a little head banging, heart thumping, screaming

Screature (Album Release Show)
Destroy Boys
Sam I Jam (of Le Twist Events)

This is technically a FREE show (AND ALL AGES), but Submerge will be asking for a $10 donation at the door to get upstairs to see the bands. Money raised from the donations will go in part to a cancer research charity in honor of dearly missed editor Mandy Pearson, who passed away two years ago after she lost her battle with cervical cancer. So please, bring some donations in Mandy’s honor!

Holy Diver
All Ages
Doors open at 7:30


This week in Sacramento be like…

If you check out any of the shows, let us know! We would love to hear what you thought.
If you want to let us know about a show that clearly we are fucking up by not being at, let us know that too!

TheMashup — you can hit us here or send info to me: Liv Styler



Olivia Monahan

January 31st, 2018

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