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Last week I ran my first “Sacramento Be Like…” article highlighting all of the amazing talent that circulates it way through the Sacramento music scene. One of the bands featured was Fonty, a lo-fi, crunchy, garage rock experience of music that I have started to truly dig on. I was able to sit down with two out of the three Fonty’s to learn a little bit more about them, their music, who they are — and what the hell is a Fonty?

Resident Stoner: Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions! So who are you? Where did you come from? Home planet, city, state, whatever you care to divulge. I feel like your music sort of just dropped from the heavens (or my friend Hannah told me about you, whatever) so I have learned very little about you other than loving the music.

Colten: My name is, Colten Boatwright and I hail from a tiny town called, Leggett, CA. in Mendocino County and home of the Chandelier Tree(Drive Thru Tree). I moved to Sacramento a little over a year ago.
Jesse: I’m Jesse Grover, born and raised in Sacramento, California. We have a third member too, Reese Auble, who plays lead with us when he’s not at school in Chico. We’ve been playing guitar together since high school
RS: Have you been playing music long or did you sort of just look at each other one day and go — you know what we should do guys…. (78% of my own personal life plans happen that way)

C: Personally, I have been playing drums and guitar for many years, but I have only been playing with Jesse for about 8 months. That is also how long Fonty has been a band.
J: I’ve played guitar since my freshman year of highschool, so about 12 years. Pretty much as soon as I started playing guitar I was doing band competitions and looking for places to perform. Recently I stopped playing music and gave up on the dream to become an EMT, but found myself extremely unhappy after I graduated from the academy. I started looking for places to perform again and people to perform with, and Colten came to one of my shows and agreed to play drums with me.
RS: The first song I heard from you was “See Thru” which almost immediately caught my ear for a couple of reasons. 1 — it sounded reminiscent of a random band that I love called The Fratellis, but in a far crunchier, lofi sort of way, and 2. — my picky ass kid who only likes video game music perked up and was like “hey what is this” — which means you are winning over two hella random generations in your music, and possibly more. Where does your sound come from, and what sort of influences do you draw on to create that vibe together?

C: The biggest influence for me comes from actually attending live shows. My friends and I spent a lot of time at The Gilman and The Phoenix and discovered so many bands that I can honestly say changed my life. So, I just think about what I love most from those shows and kinda feed off of that.
J: I think the band’s sound is direct result of the love that we have for being on stage and relating to the audience with the emotion in the music. It is also undoubtedly Colten’s energetic, brutal drumming that helped shape what we do. I played much calmer music before meeting him, but always really wanted to be able to play something people could rock the fuck out to, and he wanted to move away from the punk he was used to. We met somewhere in the middle, I guess. As for Reese, we’ve been playing together since we both started playing guitar. I can’t speak to his influences per se, but he’s always been a more technical guitarist than myself, focusing intently on guitar solos and the arrangement of musical phrases rather than making uneducated guesses and hoping the raw emotion shines through (like myself). We all have that love of being on stage in common though, and I think it will be evident when you see our shows
DISCLAIMER — Some of you may feel OLD AF reading the response by the band to the following question.

RS: On a scale of one to ten, how true is the statement that you can’t trust a big butt and a smile? (go ahead, spread that one around to all three of you, or you can collectively answer)

C: I have never heard this statement before, but I do like big butts and I do like smiles.
J: I love big butts and smiles. I think whoever said that had a bad breakup with some girl with a phat ass and was just bitter about

You hear that, Bel, Biv and Devoe? Stop being bitter bout that breakup.

RS: What’s next for you guys?

C&J: February is really busy for us. We’re playing a Local Licks show next Wednesday at Powerhouse Pub and a last minute benefit show at Silver Orange Saturday. February 16th we’re playing at High House, which is run by some of the best people Sac music has to offer. They gave us a chance on our first show and are really a godsend to upcoming bands in the Sac scene. We’re almost done recording the EP and are moving into mixing the tracks.
RS: Where can our audience find you guys (music, website, igs, facebooks, etceteras)

C&J: @fontyband on Instagram and Facebook. Fonty.bandcamp.com. You can always email us at fontyband@gmail.com if you want to get in touch with us directly
RS: Oh wait, one more thing guys, what the hell is a Fonty anyway?

C: Lolz, Fonty is a name that was on a list when we were first trying to come up with a band name and we basically gave ourselves a deadline to come up with something or go with Fonty.
J: It doesn’t mean anything, honestly, just a gibberish word that sounded fun. We like to tell people that it was because one of the first NASCAR drivers was named Fonty Flock, but that always feels a little white-trash. Fonty Flock was a cool guy though. He ran moonshine during prohibition. We drink a lot, drive fast, and are also cool guys… But in all seriousness, it’s gibberish.

Definitely take a moment to check these guys out. It is worth it for sure




Olivia Monahan

February 9th, 2018

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