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Noise Pop be like…

Okay before you get on my case, yes I know that I took this week off on my Sacramento be like… series. But that’s because it’s my birthday month and I have been high or tipsy about 74% percent of the time. Depending on how this week rounds out it could be a higher average than that. *fingers crossed*
So I suppose in this instance, Sacramento be like… getting me lit. One of the many reasons I always appreciate my city, and the people in it.

This week however, I am excited to go traverse another city for a bit, and spend some time with our none-to-far neighbors in SF as we embark on the first full week of Noise Pop 2018! Although mostly concentrated from Feb 19th-25th, the festival actually takes place over the course of a month, and has satellite shows happening all over the West Coast — including Sacramento! So let’s dive in and talk about what we have seen (Toro y Moi), what we will see (Jay Electronic x Madlib) and what we are most excited for (media event with an open bar!)
Jay Electronica
The Mezzanine


Yes. THAT Jay Electronica. lol. The man who is signed to the Roc, and has continued to irk the soul of hip-hop heads around the world by REFUSING to release any new music since he signed back in 2010? YEAH THAT JAY ELECTRONICA. I dated a guy who used to get angry every time I even mentioned Jay Electronica’s name because of how heated he was about the lack of album release.

For those unaware, Jay Electronia released an absolutely amazing mixtape on MySpace (yeah that’s how long ago it was) called Act 1:Eternal Sunshine. The release, which was a 15 minute EP with absolutely no drums on it built from Jon Brion’s soundtrack to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Within the album there are five movements marked by changes in music and mood, raps by Electronica, and occasional snippets of sampled dialogue including scenes from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

The album and the mythos around it built Electronica into this oddly enigmatic figure in hip hop, with so many of us breathlessly anticipating the next drop. Within a year of it’s release, HipHopDX was calling him “arguably…the most talked about new emcee last year … at times…more like a myth or urban legend than an actual rapper”

So the fact that he is doing a show… let alone a show for Noise Pop — gives ALL of us hope.

HOPE that there is an album coming.
HOPE that this is just the beginning.
HOPE that he doesn’t keep breaking our hip hop loving hearts.

With Sylvan LaCue, MadeGroceries (that name, though) and DJ FTK supporting the bill, and the beautiful venue The Mezzanine providing the vibes, I cannot begin to describe my excitement.

Tickets are few and far, but still available online at NoisePop’s website
Madlib (DJ Set)
1015 Folsom


One of the most PROLIFICALLY dope producers of our generation (or at least mine, damn it) Madlib is one of the fucking GAWDS of our age. I was going to write this amazingly long diatribe, an ode to his greatness — BUT — I was reading his bio online, and it’s way better than anything I could ever have to say:

Madlib, aka Beat Konducta (born Madlib the Bad Kid 1922-1993) was an American comedian best known for his starring role on the television sitcom Quasimoto and Son. He was 3/4 African-American and 1/4 Blazed.

Beat Konducta was born in Oakland and raised in Oxnard. During World War II, Beat Konducta used illegal means to avoid the draft and engaged in various criminal activities. Moving to Los Angeles in the early 1940s, he was a well-known associate of Malcolm Little, later known as Malcolm X. According to Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Beat Konducta was dishwasher in the speakeasy where Malcolm worked as a waiter. While Little was known as “Detroit Red” from having grown up in Michigan, Beat Konducta was dubbed “Oxnard Green.”

Beat Konducta gained notoriety with his raunchy nightclub act. His stand-up performances were later released as “party” albums and became very popular. Beat Konducta paved the way for later black comedians such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. He was one of the first black comics to play to white audiences on the Las Vegas Strip. Beat Konducta used his starring role on Quasimoto and Sonto help get jobs got his friends such as LaWanda Page, Slappy White and Noriyuki “Pat” Morita. Beat Konducta also battled with producers for higher paychecks and creative control of the show.

In 1977, Quasimoto and Son was cancelled. Beat Konducta struck out on his own by starring in a short-lived variety show, but by the early 1980s he was back playing in a brief revival/spin-off, The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. Beat Konducta has numerous battles with the IRS that culminated in a 1989 raid in which agents seized his house and assets (including some of the jewelery right off his body). Beat Konducta appeared to be making a comeback with a 1991 series in which he co-starred with his long-time friend Della Reese when a fatal heart attack struck him on the set. Ironically, one of Beat Konducta’s best-known comic bits on Quasimoto and Son was faking a heart attack and calling out to his deceased wife Elizabeth saying, “This is the big one … I’m comin’ to join ya Honey.”

Beat Konducta has a star on the Echo Park walk of Fame. (from the NoisePop event page)

In otherwords, Madlib is a muthafkn fool and you can bet his show is going to bring an energy unparalleled (and some amazing weed to blaze along with it). With a supporting opening set from DJ LazyBoy of the Bay Area, this is definitely going to be lit.

If it isn’t sold out you are hella lucky. Stop stalling. Click here
This is only a small snippet of what is going on. While we won’t be able to there for ALL of it, trust me, if YOU can, you should be. Beyond these two amazing shows there is also

a. Shabazz Palaces x The Genie at The Chapel Feb 21st (truthfully heartbroken I cannot make this amazing lineup)

b. Noise Pop 2018 Happy Hour — featuring Down and Outlaws, Locus Pocus and (SACRAMENTO’S OWN) Destroy Boys! Not only is this an amazing line up, its also free AF. My favorite kind of show! (Make sure to RSVP though, in order to get entry) I am going to try to make it down there, if we can get out of Sacramento early enough. Keep your blunts crossed.
Also of note!


Although The Stonerettes and I will be attending the Holy Diver satellite show featuring Caleborate and Cash Campain, this amazing lineup is ALSO happening on February 22nd at 7:30pm. It all goes down at the Cornerstone in Berkeley AND they have Iman Europe and Yeek backing up this already stellar lineup. If I could make it to Happy Hour, this AND Madlib, I would be the happiest ever.

But I just don’t think I am magical enough for that lol.

Get tickets for this show here and go support these dudes. They are SO amazing, and truly deserved to be witnessed up close and in person.

I will see you soon Noise Pop!…

Til then, you know where to find me.



Olivia Monahan

February 20th, 2018

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