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Marijuana Lounges being considered in the City of Trees

Yes you read it right. Sacramento aka the City of Trees is currently researching how our fair city can open up both recreational/medical marijuana lounges that would allow for smokers to sit, relax, partake of their herbals and build within the community of other locals in the area who are doing the same.

The need stems from the fact that while marijuana is now recreationally legal to smoke, there are very few places in public where fellow chronniseurs are able to smoke — sidewalks and public places are currently off limits, and there are many rental properties in the area that have the substance banned by landlords due to property values, among other things.

Though the idea of a smokers lounge is not new to California (there are currently ones open in Oakland and San Francisco), there are no current spaces for smokers in the capitol city to safely enjoy.

The idea, which is primarily up to the city council to vote yay or nay on, is currently being researched by the Cannabis Policy Enforcement. The team plans on studying other lounges in California and abroad in order to try to find out how best these types of sites can be regulated — primarily with driving under the influence of marijuana now being considered a DUI.

The Sacramento staff of CPS plan on presenting their finding to the city in April, where the council will vote whether to allow the measure.
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Olivia Monahan

February 15th, 2018

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