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Stevie Nader is keeping me Occupied with his new single

On May 5th, 2017 I posted something on my FB page. It was a simple statement, with an important message.

Evidence muthafucka

Evidence muthafucka

Come back
Well, it may have taken a little over 6 months, but the universe, the music gawds, heard me. Sacramento artist Stevie Nader has released a brand new song called “Occupied”.

I have to be honest, I have tried for years to pinpoint what it is about Stevie Nader, but he is one of the local artists in Sacramento that I will legitimately fan out over. His sound has always been this weird, ethereal sound that traverses the line between other-worldly and straight up magical. His voice melded over the beats that he uses are the perfect marriage. I couldn’t even tell you what genre he is. R&B? Neo-Soul? Indie-Unicorn? All of the above, and none of the above at once?

I will let you decide the category you want to put him in. I put him in my “OMFG I love him!!!” category. To find out, press play on the new song below, and we will definitely keep you posted on the new release. Stevie came back, guys, and this shit is pure dope.

You’re welcome <3

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Olivia Monahan

February 16th, 2018

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