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Sacramento Be Like… (Third Edition)

Hey kids!

I had to take a break last week to spend a little time honoring the awesomeness that is Noise Pop. Last week I was able to immerse myself in a solid few days of hip hop that blew my mind, music that soothed my soul, and at one point during the week (see the Madlib blog post previous) made me want to scream, cry, and faint all at the same time.

This week though, I am back in my beautiful City of Trees and ready to spend some quality time with you. I don’t know what you have going on this week, but these are the events that are looking pretty damn good to me:


Shady Lady’s Musical Mash Up
Wednesday, Feb 28th
Shady Lady Bar
9pm and 21+

I love Shady Lady. They have absinthe, which is a winner on all fronts! On top of that, however, on Wednesday they are offering up a mishmash of Sacramento and Bay Area musicians for one purpose. Per the event description:

Arranged and directed by deacon Andre Webb (trombone), J.U.N. (Just Us Niggas) is a Musical MashUp of experiences and influences betwixt Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco, unified by 1 soul purpose – to do our part in Making America Great Again by Raising The Nation that KNOWS HOW TO GROOVE!

Check your funk at the gate.


Noise Pop Presents: The Real Person Tour
Thursday, March 1st
Caleborate x Cash Campain
Holy Diver
7:30 pm

Touted by XXL magazine as “…one of the most promising spitters coming out right now!”, Caleborate is bring his introspective storytelling and larger than life personality back to Sacramento for this satellite show presented by Noise Pop. If you noticed me say “back to Sacramento” it is because Caleborate AND Cash Campain, the crooning counterpart on the tour, are both Sacramento born, Valley Hi bred. While both located now in the Bay Area, their roots are planted in South Sacramento.

With Caleborate just releasing a recent remix to “Soul” featuring Big KRIT, as well as the new video to “Bank Robber” which has been getting constant spins online, this is NOT a show you want to miss. Tickets are still available for a limited time here.


Sofar Sounds Sacramento
Secret venue/Secret Lineup
March 2nd

Call me biased, I don’t mind. But if you have not gotten a chance to check out one of the Sofar Sounds Sacramento shows, than you are slipping just a little bit. Bringing together artists from all over the world, and with artists ranging from Grammy nominees, to hip hop legends (see pic above), to everything in between, Sofar Sounds Sacramento curates an entire experience from start to finish.

Featuring a BYOB format, and changing different venues each week in order to activate varying spaces throughout the Sacramento and extending regions, this team is working tirelessly (trust me, I know) to bring the best Sacramento and beyond has to offer. This week’s show is almost sold out, but you can still secure a spot here for a limited time.

From previous Sofar Sac event

From previous Sofar Sac event

Hot 103.5 Presents: The Platform Mixtape
Friday, March 2nd
D-Rek x Kahali x Plus $ x J-Sirus
DJ Dr J on the 1s and 2s
Chaise Lounge

From their event page:

This is the first party of a new series of monthly parties celebrating emerging hip hop and artists from around the country and the top local artists in the 916!! Come hang, network and celebrate the first one with us, featuring live performances by Sacramento’s Drek, Plus $, J-Sirus and Kahali (aka Doey Rock)! DJ Dr. J will be mixing, cutting and scratching the newest and hottest music all night long! Hot 103.5’s Freeze will be your host.

I am all about finding new platforms that allow for hip hop to get put on, especially here in Sacramento. So I am going to try my damndest to get out to this one. If I can’t though, you go for me, and tell them Liv sent you. Saying my name won’t make YOU special, but it definitely makes ME feel it 😉 lol


Punk Rock Politics
Gabriell Garcia’s Campaign Launch Party
Saturday, March 3rd
The Blue Lamp

I often times hear many people, including myself, lamenting on seeing certain things wrong in our local, statewide, and national political landscape. There are few who could deny that there are at least a few things that could use a change. Very few of us however, are willing to grab the bull by the balls and throw our names into the ring for office.

Which is EXACTLY why I will be at Blue Lamp on Saturday as I join in launching Gabriell Garcia, the owner of the Blue Lamp, as a candidate for District 1 City Council. Music and politics collide as folks bring out their vinyl, and their ideals to discuss the future in a public forum.


Sol Life Presents
The Philharmonik Album Release Party
Featuring JMSEY and Sunmonks
Sol Collective
All Ages

Do you guys remember a time where people used to complain about there not being enough to do in Sacramento? Now there are so many things I have to somehow clone myself to make it out to things I want to be at, and THIS event is the first one I will be attempting to perfect the actual cloning process. If you don’t know the Philharmonik, you are fucking up, you are slipping, and you are crazy.

Fix that shit. Rectify it.

Tickets are available at the door.


Abstract Entertainment Presents:
Cut Chemist (of Jurrasic 5/Ozomatli)
Harlow’s Nightclub

Ok I won’t lie to you. I am going to be exhausted and it is very possible that I will not even be able to crawl out of bed, let alone to this show. BUT, Cut Chemist is ILL so if you get the chance to go you surely should. From the event page:

Cut Chemist has been recording and performing for nearly 30 years. He started djing in 1984, at age 11. In ’87, 14 year old Cut started recording with his friends including Chali 2na (Jurassic 5). Cut first became known as a founding member of both the rap groups, Jurassic 5 and the Grammy award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli. Keeping his involvement with both groups in tandem with one another, Cut has developed a taste for music and rhythms from around the world while keeping his ethic for the hip hop tradition. His mix-tapes and remixes became critically acclaimed.

Eventually Cut left both Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli to pursue a solo career, starting with Warner Bros. where he landed his first solo LP, The Audience’s Listening in July, 2006. The title track was quickly placed for the first Worldwide Apple Nano commercial with Cut performing at all major US and European flagship Apple stores, while the single, “The Garden” became a favorite amongst tastemakers and the single “What’s The Altitude” became one of the most viewed videos on YouTube at the time.

Forward to the present, we are on the heels of the long-awaited follow up to Cut Chemist’s 2006 debut, The Audience’s Listening. “Whatever comes next you can expect the same ethic of artistic integrity” says Cut. “Hip Hop is not a specific type of music, its how its presented. I feel I’ve always proved that and will continue to do so.”

Tickets are still available here.
There is literally WAY TOO MANY THINGS going on for me to be able to cover, to be at, or even to fit into this article. I hope that you at least can make it out to one of these shows.

And bring my tired ass a blunt if you can… I am definitely going to need a smoke break or twelve.

Sacramento be like… way too busy. I need a nap already.

Until then, you know where to find me



Olivia Monahan

February 26th, 2018

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