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Oakland’s newest music festival Blurry Vision is bringing heat

WHAT KIND OF HOLY MAGIC IS THIS LINE UP?! I already had my entire festival season mapped out and then the geniuses over at Goldenvoice decided to collywhomp me with yet another festival that I truthfully don’t know how I will make it happen, but I tell you right now….



This shit is ridic

This shit is ridic

Anyone who follows me, literally ANYONE, knows how much I love Isaiah Rashad. There has been a connection between me and his music ever since Cilvia Demo came out, but when The Sun’s Tirade came out in 2016, it basically saved my life. I can’t properly describe what it is that his music does to me, but it is almost as instantaneous as hitting a blunt — the minute I hear ‘4r Da Squaw’ come on, it’s over. I am content and at peace. So my eyes IMMEDIATELY bee-lined to his name.

For the last five or six months, Isaiah and I have gone back and forth on IG about an interview, but we both insist on doing it in person, and THIS is my chance. Ya’ll don’t understand what it means to me.

Here’s the thing though, the rest of this line up? HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Imma put the flyer here one more again, just in case you somehow scrolled past it.

This shit is ridic

This shit is ridic

Lord I was not ready. I literally stopped what I was doing at work just so I could write this article out. That is how enamored I am with this lineup.
It is basically taking a mixture of artists on the rise in the neo-soul and hip hop genres (personal favorites being Kamaiyah, Xavier Omar and Brockhampton), and combining them with a few seasoned artists (Sza, Migos, Anderson.Paak) to create a line up so well curated it makes me wanna slap your mama. Because I sure the fuck am not slapping mine — there is nothing more terrifying than a small, angry Latinx woman with a chancla.

Oh, and THIS SHIT IS IN OAKLAND. <3 One of my favorite places on earth, because I get to make my traditional stop at Souley Vegan to stuff my face with the most amazing food on earth. Now I have an excuse to eat some of the best food Oakland has to offer, while Oakland gives me the best that music has to offer.

How do you possibly say no to that?
You can’t.
So don’t delay!

The tickets (Which are HELLA reasonably priced) are going on sale on Friday HERE.

Until then you know where to find me.



Olivia Monahan

February 26th, 2018

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