Beaches, Beats and Wu-Tang Yoga: SCMF ain’t nothing to…. well, you get it

The last couple of weeks have been more than hectic, but it has helped me to realize something. It is a great time in life to get your priorities straight, especially with all of the amazing manifestations that have been coming my way recently. One of my major priorities has been to do a little more travelling inside of California. As much as I love my home state, I feel like I only ever get to visit certain places, while some of the other cities get left by the wayside.

I have only gotten the chance to visit Santa Cruz on two occasions:

– I was nine years old. I had shaved off my hair down to a buzz cut because my tio had tried to cut it on his own and well… lets say it didn’t go so well, and I was really upset that I had to start over from scratch. My tio felt bad, and when he found out that my mom’s sisters were going to the Boardwalk for a day, he had them bring me down to feel better.
– It was about 7 years ago..I had moved back to California about a year or so before that and I was living in Midtown in a small cottage style apartment with a crazy (in a good way) roommate. He introduced me to his crazy (in mostly a good way) friends, and we made an impromptu trip to Santa Cruz for New Years Eve one year. We spent most of it drunk and laughing. I don’t recall seeing much of Santa Cruz while I was there… I don’t remember much while I was there. LOL I do remember us walking on the Boardwalk the next day, and sitting on the beach. I remember them thinking I was crazy because I jumped in the water, despite how cold it was. I love the ocean, so I jump in regardless.

While both of those moments were memorable, it was more because of the experiences of what got me there, as opposed to the actual city. It has been a city that I wanted to learn more about, to visit and experience more. To feel familiar with. Luckily for me, the Santa Cruz Music Festival is giving me a perfect opportunity to do just that.
The Santa Cruz Music Festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday, with a solid thirteen hours of music each day, giving you NO excuse to not discover a new artist. But on top of the music, the SCMF is spread out over fifteen different spaces, giving people the opportunity to take in a different part of Santa Cruz than they would normally get from a standard festival where you meander through a fairgrounds. View the set times below to get an idea of what you are going to be in store for.

With so many venues, it is hard to imagine what you are going to be in store for but here is a small sample tasting:

Saturday be like...

Saturday be like…

The MAH — The Museum of Art and History: Not only will we be able to take in artists like Danny Fathom (that name is fantastic btw) and King Wizard, you will also get the opportunity to take in all of the varying exhibits that the museum has to offer. This month there is a featured exhibit of woodcut prints from Tom Killion, which have been paired with poems by Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Snyder. Each piece is a woodcut of different areas of the Santa Cruz beaches and spaces — so you are basically in SC, discovering SC while looking at art of SC.

Hella meta.

The Tannery Arts Center — (from their website) The Tannery Arts Center is a first-in-the-nation art community that provides a sustainable, accessible and vibrant home for the arts in Santa Cruz County, offering visitors a dynamic cultural destination. The Tannery is also home to Arts Council Santa Cruz County, Jewel Theatre Company and the Colligan Theater, the Tannery Lofts, the Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center and Tannery Working Studios, which provides 28 separate studio spaces for professional artists to create, display and sell their art.

What?! That sounds magical. So does Shamma Mama, who happens to be playing there Saturday afternoon. I haven’t heard the music, but the name alone (come on, how fun is it to say Shamma Mama) is enough to make me intrigued.


Streetlight Records — They sell vinyl. There really is not more that you need to know other than they sell vinyl. That alone is enough to provide a consummate reason to visit, but the fact that I will also be able to catch Bozzy or a quick burst of laughter with the Comedy Crawls gives me all the jollys.

Woodstock Pizza — Fuck I love pizza. It is one of the most perfect foods in all the land and I am definitely going to need a pizza break (or seven) after a full day of music and mayhem. So I am going to drop by to check this place out for a slice, and to also peep Dhruva Noel while I inhale that delicious, cheesy goodness.

Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium — The largest venue for the festival, and the centralized location where most of the larger name acts will be playing, I have yet to catch a show here. But from the hours of 6-8pm on Saturday there is nowhere else that I am going to be. In fact imma be backstage with the homies Scarub and Pure Powers, watching them as my teammate secretly drools over Ghostface Killah, while we smoke fat ass blunts during Smoke Dza’s set.

❤️ What can I say, hip hop will always have my heart, and for those two hours, my attention.

Which reminds me! Saturday at noon they are doing Wu-Tang yoga. IDK what the fuck it is but I am going to try to be there for it.
That is just a small portion of the multiple venues that are going to be open to you March 9th and 10th

We hope to see you there because I hate being that person that tells you “I told you so” a week later when you see all the video and pics.

Get your ticketshere.

Don’t forget, if you see #TheStonerettes out and about, holla at us, wave us down, roll us a blunt. ❤️ Until then of course, you know where to find me



Olivia Monahan

March 4th, 2018

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