Digital Wonderland – Hawaii

In Kapolei, adventurer Aika (from California) will be exploring the PLUR culture embedded in DEADBEATS HAWAII and impact with how the island is also filled with an incredibly diverse group of folx. This creates a fun dynamic integrated with musical arts. Jauz,Borgore,and Snail have performed in past Digital Wonderland events. Some featuring artists this year includes Zeds Dead, K?D, EPROM, and GGMAGREE. We have a good mix of EDM music that’ll cause some fat shuffle sessions and grimy head banging, too.
The overall motto or cultural dogma of EDM is the acronym “PLUR,” which stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. The music, the people, the “good vibes,” virtually everything at an EDM festival, connects to the underlying element of “PLUR.”

Music is a strong source of power and identification for young people. In their article, Mixed Messages: Resistance and Reappropriation in Rave Culture, Brian Ott and Bill Herman note that “music is among the most central and significant ways that youth articulate style and hence a sense of self” . EDMC, Electronic Dance Music Culture, is thus a relatively new culture catering to a younger generation.
I believe it is no coincidence that my generation has so quickly adopted and incorporated EDM culture into their lives. “PLUR,” and everything it encompasses speaks truth to our younger generation, who are indeed seeking to create a new world of peace, love, unity, and respect. EDM is an international phenomenon, and there is something very valuable going on with the connectedness “ravers” feel all around the world.

ITS NOT TOO LATE! If you’re out and about in Hawaii then (or now) grab your tickets here . Digital Wonderland takes place March 31st, 2018, and will be located at the Kapolei Events Center- for more information press “here”.





Aika Eden

March 4th, 2018

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