Road to Digital Wonderland Hawaii 2018

“Welcome to Wonderland. Hawaii’s most eccentric experience provider. In the Aloha State, there exists a special place. … Our parties include the seasonal concert series: Summer, Haunted, Winter and Digital Wonderland, and the annual event Beyond Paradise.” This is Digital Wonderland known and spoken to be one of the biggest rave events on the island. I’m so juiced for this line up and the beautiful individuals I will be meeting there. This will be one of those experiences of a life time and what better time to expand our horizons than now? Two artists I’m really stoked for is ‘Zeds Dead’ the main stagers and ‘Eprom’ as well. Below are some contextual background on these neat EDM artists who will be featuring at this years Digital Wonderland.

Zeds Dead is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto, Canada. Dylan Mamid, also known as DC, and Zachary Rapp-Rovan, also known as Hooks, rose to prominence releasing original music and remixes from 2009–10 before becoming a staple on the international touring circuit thereafter. Today, they are known for their exploration of a diverse variety of genres that combine aspects of UK garage, house, electro house, hip-hop, glitch, drum and bass, and more.

EPROM is one of the vibrant West-Coast scene’s most colourful characters and an important cog in the international Rwina machine. He’s a consummate post-millennial producer, and his sound varies from toxic hip-hop to searing garage mutations to bizarre concoctions somewhere in between. His beats jiggle and drip and contort wildly, always in some perpetual state of melting, churning, and mutation. His live sets are something to behold as well, emphasizing the hip-hop roots that lurk underneath his sewer beats, and an hour of EPROM is bound to turn your brain into to the same sort of goo that gums the gears of his distinctive beats.

It’s not too late to get your tickets!! 85% of tickets have been sold- so be mindful and get them while you can for this annual festival of love and music. Click here for your tickets today! Get them soon because Digtial Wonderland is right around the corner~



Aika Eden

March 26th, 2018

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