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Yooooo who was that?! — IDK

“You don’t know his name?”


“Yeah me neither…but he was hella dope. I want to find his music!”

“No, that is his name!”



“OMG I get it, you don’t know, I will just Google it. Jeez.”

That was a straight up, no joke Abbott-and-Costello style routine that laid out before my very eyes as I stood in the press pit after IDK left the stage of the Mad Men tour on Tuesday night. Featuring a trifecta (A$AP Ferg, Denzel Curry and IDK) this tour was something that I knew from the minute I accepted the assignment, was going to be fucking worth the drive to the Warfield.

In awful, rainy, gloomy weather. On a Tuesday night. When I had to work the next day.

It had better been fucking worth it. LOL
IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) is a Britain born, Maryland raised 24 year old rapper serving knowledge in the trappiest way possible. Which I heavily fuck with. He is one of the emerging artists on the hip hop come up who are taking the typical trap music beat/vibes and combining it with lyrical content that that tells a true story from start to finish, being more reminiscent of my generations stylings. To be honest, it’s hard to not feel some Section.80 influence in IDK’s latest album IWASVERYBAD — which has been in heavy rotation for me since it dropped. There is a a story-telling talent to this dude. Which left me hopeful for his live show. Hopeful that the same over-the-top exuberence that is prevalent in the album would translate to the stage.

To be honest though, even if IDK had ended up being a disappointment (he was fucking DOPE live, and was worth every minute of the drive, so fear not) this show would have still meant a lot to all three of The Stonerettes. Towards the middle of January we all sat around talking about the goals that we wanted to accomplish for the first quarter of the year. Those goals included everything from the shows we wanted to cover, the artists we hoped to interview, and the future of our trio in general.

One of the artists that we had on our list was the Trap Lord himself, A$AP Ferg. We had all been a fan of him for years, and while I had been lucky enough to catch him on tour with Juicy J when he was a mere jr trap lord, I hadn’t seen him since the glow up. We knew the universe would give us a way to see him, we just weren’t sure what it was yet. So, we put him on the board, we did our blessings, and we started the rest of our journey through this year.

One week later we got the email about covering IDK in San Francisco. I said yes immediately because I was a fan, and it was only upon second glance that I realized — he was opening for Ferg on the Mad Men tour.

The universe provides, and so did IDK.
The universe also happens to provide a shit ton of rain from time to time, and one of those times happened to be on the exact day that we would be driving two hours each way to get to the Bay Area. Galactically blessed beggars can’t be choosers, so we made sure to keep our bodies covered (ok just kidding, clearly my boobs were out), our windows cracked to prevent hotboxing, and our hair left simple so we wouldn’t get pissed if it got rained all over us.

As is the usual way The Stonerettes convereged on the Trap Cave and went through our typical road trip ritual:

1. Roll blunts
2. Make coffee
3. Wait for Vanessa to get ready because she never is when we get there.
4. Smoke blunts
5. Drink coffee
6. Talk shit
7. Talk about how we need to get our web/podcast series Smoke Break started (because we talk so much shit)
8. Roll more blunts (because our high asses smoked half of the blunts we rolled before we leave)
9. Say our Stonerette road trip blessings (please don’t let it rain while we were driving there, please let the show be good, please let us be Chadwick’d by A$AP)

Two blunts, two hours, and two shots of Jack in my coffee later — we arrived in San Francisco SURPRISINGLY on time. We paid $20 to the sketch “parking garage” that is really just a lot behind a fence with a dude half asleep in a small tin shack, and made our way to the venue.

Fun fact. It did not start raining until we got out of the car in SF. The weather hella held on for us and straight up waited until we turned the car off and got out.

We walked in, got our press stickers, and I took a moment to process. Live music when done right can feel like a holy experience to me, and walking in the hallowed doors of The Warfield knowing I was about to see IDK x ASAP I felt more than ready for Traptism.

Fuck I should get extra points for Traptism. #trademarked

I spent a few moments taking in the audience and the scene, and then made my way to the front of the audience, sliding in between the iron barrier that separated us (the press) from them (the fever-pitched audience willing to damn near) It was that magical time that we always looked forward to. The time when the lights go low, and the anticipation builds and the audience starts to get tense, waiting. The time where you can feel the energy bouncing frenetically from person to person as they dart their eyes from either side of the stage, waiting for that first sign of life from backstage.

It was at that moment, that Ronald Reagan walked out.

OK was it Ronald Reagan? Or was it George Bush? Or Dubya? Fuck all these wrinkly old white men look similar, and even more so when depicted in Halloween mask form. Either way, one of our former Presidents walked on stage, in a plain white T, black jacket and no words uttered.

Then he just started dropping BARS on folks. The crowd looked perplexed, but the skills we undeniable and you could see folks start to bob their heads. After a solid 16, IDK emerged from under the mask, and proceeded to murder the stage. From his more well known songs like Pizza Shop and No Wave (featuring tour artist Denzel Curry) to his more obscure like Windows Up and Black Sheep White Dove (my favorite off the album), IDK served up fire, heat, flames, and fuego for the entire 30 minute set. While many in the audience seemed to not recognize most of the albums deep cuts, by the end of the last song, you could see folks whispering about him, looking him up on IG.

Or, in the case of the two adorably drunk girls in the front — the Abbott and Costello-esque routine trying to figure out his name.

Don’t trip, Jay. I let them know how to find you online. The Stonerettes got you covered.
If you get the chance to check out IDK live, do so. While he may be the opener on a heavy-handed line up with this Mad Men tour, I remember seeing A$AP open for Juicy J five years ago, and now he is headlining his own shit. Trust we will see IDK get there soon.

IDK 2020. Just watch.

Until then, make sure to check out his latest album IWASVERYBAD wherever you can stream live music at, or make your life easier and just press play below.

The Stonerettes have more in store for you over the next couple of months — probably more than we are even prepared for. So make sure to stick around. Until then, you know where to find me .



Olivia Monahan

April 6th, 2018

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