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Lion Babe: If you don’t know them, you should.

Fuck I love Lion Babe.

I was introduced to them through a playlist a former lover made for me — yes I said LOVER because I am 35 years old and it sounds just juvenile as hell to say “my ex boyfriend”. As I was saying, my former LOVER used to make me amazingly well curated playlists on Spotify that were specifically made for us. How he felt about me, our relationship, our sex, etc… Apparently Lion Babe’s song ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ reminded him of us. Although Actually through these playlists I was introduced to a myriad of music that had yet to cross my ears, but Lion Babe was definitely one of my favorites.

For those who haven’t been introduced, meet lead singer and fucking gawdess, Jillian Hervey:

Go ahead and let this image REALLY soak in

Right. I know that I needed a moment when I saw that image, so I will pause and give you one too….


Alright you good?

While Jillian is the voice, Lucas Goodman is the quiet but powerful producer behind the duo that creates the vibrant, soulful, yet somehow delightfully effervescent backdrop of sounds and waves that gives you that breath-of-fresh-air feeling each time you press play on one of their songs. With their first full length release BEGIN, they carved a space for themselves in the new wave of neo-soul funk fantastic that has been circulating the last few years. (Press play)

Their energy is electric, so I can only imagine that their live show matches their intensity on album, if not surpasses it.

Plus.. if that first picture on this article is ANY INDICATION, there are definitely going to be some amazing moments that you would not want to miss out on. Luckily for you, you still have the opportunity to get your tickets online now for this show that is sure to be one for the memory banks.

Go online now to and get yours. I will be there with my Stonerettes and honorary Stonerettes, loving every minute of it.



Olivia Monahan

April 6th, 2018

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