Part 1 of the HIGH-lights of California’s Festival Season

That’s right! It is 4-20 and of course I am celebrating in as unsurprising a way possible.


Right, you weren’t expecting that shit were you? My stoner ass just sitting here at a desk, typing away whilst the rest of the world gets high on their own supply?! Well, I definitely love green — and money is as green as it gets. While I secure the bag, however, I want you to walk down a road with me.

The road to festival season here in California.

We are only 8 days away, and since they say 8 is an auspicious number, AND it’s my favorite day of the year, it is time to for The Stonerettes official kick off to my favorite time of year! So what festivals are coming up that you are looking forward to, and why? Inquiring minds want to know.

Until then though, I wanted to drop a little list on you. One that has a little something for everyone, whether you like hip hop, soul, rock, or just getting high as hell — I have a festival for YOU!

So let’s get to it.

The 8 most anticipated California festivals for the 2018 season (thus far — if I am missing some, you better @me or the shit ain’t real):

1. The Smokers Club Fest — April 28th and 29th — Long Beach

Let’s talk about how OBVIOUS it is that I need to be at this festival, for a MULTITUDE of reasons. The first and most obvious reason, of course, being that I am the leader of a crew called The Stonerettes, and the damn festival is called the Smokers Club Fest.

Not sure if I need to say more, but just in case I do, the line up for this festival is pretty much the end all, be all of up and coming hip hop melded with OG favorites, not to mention Wiz Khalifa, aka my favorite stoner, aka Daddy, is going to be performing from KUSH & OJ which is going to be a huge fucking deal guys. That shit is CLASSIC stoner music and the way this festival is looking, it aims to be a classic stoner show.

I need to smoke with Wiz though yall, so trust I called in every fucking favor I have to make it happen. Praise Yeezus I know his tour manager.

2. Sol Blume — April 28th — Sacramento

This is a HUGE step in the direction of major music festivals making their return to Sacramento. While we loved TBD Fest of yore, its absence on the Sacramento music landscape has left a gaping hole for those of us who loved being able to go nuts for 12 hours, go home, shower, and come back the next day without having to camp, rent a hotel, or couch crash.

Well with Sol Blume, Sacramento’s first R&B/Soul festival is bringing a small sliver of that feeling back. While the festival is only 1 day for now, my bet is that it grows exponentially over the next three years, expanding to a full on two or three day experience by 2021. Still, despite its absolute newness, thanks to the amazing team behind the curation of the line up (what up Justin x Fornati), this will be a jam packed 12 hours of music.

Featuring relative newbies like Arin Ray (who I am so damn in love with), the Bay Area’s own Rexx Life Raj, and Kalin White — along with heavy hitters like Jhene Aiko, The Intenet, and GoldLink, you will find something for everyone on this line up.

The tickets are damn near sold out though, so quit slackin.

3. First Festival — May 4th and 5th — Sacramento

First Festival is such a unique experience. Unlike most festivals, this line up is ROOTED in the music and arts scene of Sacramento. It has been a place for local artists to find a platform and get their music out to local, homegrown fans, while drawing in larger headliners who were based in Sacramento at one point in time. That is not an easy feat, but Danielle Vincent and the First Fest squad have pulled it off beautifully this year.

In fact, with this being the LAST performance for local beloved A lot Like Birds, there are folks crowdsourcing from Germany just to be able to get here to see this, so this will NOT be something you want to miss.

Tickets are available and sooooo well priced, you would be a fool to not grab a pair, at least.

4. High Times Sacramento — May 4th and 5th — Sacramento


It’s like the Stonerettes version of the Muthafkn Catalina Wine Mixer. It is our holy grail. It is our Mecca.

And they just announced a line up that is so good it kinda makes me angry that it is on the same days as First Fest because I have to pick and choose which I go to — and because my ass is ridiculous, I am going to manage to make it happen where I get to both shows. LOL.

Here is a little taste of the line up though, since I have a preview coming at 420 today.

Lauryn Hill.

Yup. You are welcome.

TICKETS. Get them now!

5. Blurry Vision — May 12th and 13th — Oakland

The Migos are probably some of my favorite hit makers right now, for obvious reasons. There is NOTHING that they touch that doesn’t turn to gold in some form or fashion, and they are some of the most exciting folks to see live because of their personalities. They don’t take things too seriously, especially themselves — and also, part of me is hoping for a Cardi B pop up.

On top of that, my favorite collective of wonderful weirdos, Brockhampton is on this one, along with Kamiyah (hey bae) and Isaiah Rashad (hey zaddy).

I love a festival line up that is so good it makes your eyes go blurry, and Blurry Vision lives up to the name.

Plus its in Oakland, and I love me some Oakland. So. Many. Wins.

6. Grizzly Fest — May 18th and 19th — Fresno

To be honest, I was never really familiar with Grizzly Fest before I started writing for TheMashup. As much as I love music, and the California music scene, I have to admit that even I cannot keep up with everything. I am only one person, and I am a person who smokes a whole hell of a lot. But I got the chance to check this line up out and I am more than willing to take my ass to Fresno to check this one out.

It’s a melding of all genres, and all styles, and it almost makes no sense. Which is perfect for me. LOL Plus this would be my opportunity for a round two smoke fest with Uncle Snoop. I was 18 when I first smoked with him — Nate Dogg’s baby mama lived next door to me in LA, and whenever Nate would visit he brought a rapper with him. Kurupt, Warren G, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg — I smoked with all of them thanks to Nate Dogg and his love for his child/baby mama.


7. Smoking Grooves Fest — June 16th — Long Beach

I don’t even have to say a damn word about this line up.
Fucking hell. This shit is beautiful. This is the kind of festival dreams are made of. This is the type of shit you can only imagine in your dreams, and then BOOM here is in real life.

I will do whatever it takes to get to this one. Trust and believe. I have until June to figure out how the hell I am going to make all these scheduling issues work so .. yall better pray for me.

Long Beach, here I come.

8. Organic Fest — August 10th, 11th, and 12th — Wilseyville

This one is BRAND ASS NEW to me, but I am excited to see how the combination of EDC and Hip Hop do together. The line up is incomplete at the moment, as this is only PHASE 1 of the line up, but with folks like Immortal Technique popping up as a highlight, I am definitely down to check into it more. I have yet to see IT live, and I hear he gives great show.

There it is! Our top 8 HIGHlights (for now) of the California music festival offerings for 2018. This only extend to August, and there ARE more coming after, so there will be a part two later this year. <3 Until then -- you know where to find me: FB X IG = thelivstyler



Olivia Monahan

April 20th, 2018

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