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The true DOPEness of the Smoked Out BBQ

There is such a nostalgic feel to the Smoked Out BBQ line up. If you didn’t notice the actual date on the flyer, you would almost think that Paid Dues had reappeared from the ether. You would think that Rock the Bells was reincarnated. You would almost think that real hip hop was trying to make a muthafkn come back, only this time with legal weed consumption taking place.

Sooooooo basically the universe made a fucking day festival just for me.

Which is exactly why when I saw this damn line up, I flipped the fuck out. There have been tweaks and additions, but here is the final product:

Yeah. Now you see what the fuck I am talking about right? This shit is going to be crazy for so many reasons, but this article is meant to break down the awesome to the finer points, in the hopes that it makes the decision to go to this show on the 21st a no brainer…. other than the flyer that I literally just showed you.

1. Everyone 21 and up, or 18 and up with a rec card gets a free gift when they get to the show. That gift is a free pre-roll, that you can enjoy whilst eating massive amounts of bbq (vegan options available for us non meat eaters!). Giving me free weed to make the munchies kick in, thereby prompting me to go and buy delicious food? These dudes are geniuses.

3. The universe provided me Evidence that this is going to be an amazing show… literally… when Evidence got added on to the line up. On November 29th, 2017 I found out that Evidence was having a release party for his new album ‘Weather or Not’ in LA and I desperately wanted to go. It was worth the 6 hour drive, the annoying LA traffic, and the general pain-in-the-assery that it would take to go down to LA for one show. I wanted to interview him, of course, but more importantly I just wanted to be able to be surrounded by his genius for a little bit, musically. I couldn’t make it happen then, I guess it wasn’t in the cards.

Welp. Guess what.

The universe provides.

4. The Grouch is coming home to the Bay and he’s bringing the homie Eligh with him. Not only that, they have some new music together for the first time since their 2014 album The Tortoise and the Crow. On top of that, there are some rumors that Living Legends are heading into the studio for some new music (I mean, it was one of the founders that told me so I assume he’s telling the truth and if he isn’t, he’s in trouble lol) so if we get lucky, we might just catch a hint of a whisper of a sneak peek of what is to come.

Plus… even after all these years BOTH of these dudes are still fine as fuck. So yay for eye candy

5. R.A the Rugged Man doesn’t come out this way too often. This loud mouthed, barred out, talented muthafucka from NY who has been rapping since puberty is never a disappointment when it comes to lyrical skill OR live show. Shit I haven’t even seen this guy live, I just know plenty of cats back East that have, and they all speak highly, sing his praises, and guarantee that he is not one to miss.

They aren’t the sugar coating type either, so if they say it, I assume it to be true.

If you are for whatever reason on the fence about this show, R.A should be the thing that sends you over the edge. Seriously, don’t miss your opportunity to see this powerhouse in person. My body is so fucking ready for this.

6. SO many stoners claim they got bars when it comes to rolling that perfect J. Well Ungaffable is giving you the chance to prove it with the joint rolling competition. With three categories, Fastest, Fattest and Most Artistic, there is something for everyone.

Fellas, I would like to personally volunteer as tribute to test ALL of the joints on their smoke-ableness. I mean, I am the Resident Stoner after all. It only seems logical, don’t you think?

… you gotta shoot your shot. LOL

7. The intermingling of talented underground California hip hop artists such as Watzreal, A-F-R-O, and 1 Ton (formerly of the duo Potluck) on top of the artists mentioned above, Immortal Technique, Necro, Dead Prez and hella others. Giving local artists a real platform without a pay to play contingency, for all the promoters playing along at home. The same can be said for the comedian side of things, as they have local and national talent interspersed among the set list (which is unannounced as of publication).

8. Ungaffable is run by some really awesome, really hard working, really humble folks. They have all been some of the nicest folks I have had the chance to chat with when it comes to working a show. Not only that but this is really only their second year throwing shows, and they are already inspiring me to write preview articles on a Saturday night instead of going out.

Well played guys.

Moreover, I really just fuck with the spirit of the guys that are behind this team. I have been chatting back and forth with them since I first found out about the show, and they have always been warm, welcoming, open to questions, transparent in their thought process, and truly just seem like folks that want to encourage folks to enjoy some real ass hip hop again.

Which I am all for.

You really should get your tickets while you have a chance. Early bird tickets are already sold out, and the rest are soon to follow. To be real though spending the extra few bucks for the VIP ticket is going to be worth it. You get admission, a big ass plate of food, a shirt and a poster in the VIP bundle. Click the link below and get them before they sell out!

You know where I will be July 21st.

Until then, you know where to find me.

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Olivia Monahan

July 8th, 2018

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