Glassjaw — Screamo pioneers and fan favorites are back in Sac July 18th

When recently asked if I would cover the Glassjaw show that was coming to Ace of Spades on the 18th, my immediate response was to say no. Not because I am an asshole — ok well I am whatever — but because the music is a bit outside of my wheelhouse.

Then I paused. Why wouldn’t I want something a little outside of my wheelhouse? I mean what is the worst that could happen? I could be introduced to some new music? I could end up having some random ass experience that normally I would not have had access to? Free show? Right, no matter what way I write it out, it sounds like I am complaining. So I decided that it was okay to try a full on deep dive into something new. With that allow me to introduce to you: Glassjaw!

Photo Credit Julian Gilbert

So let’s start with this:

Having a glass jaw is not a good thing in the neighborhood I grew up in. It meant you were weak, and couldn’t take a punch. That you broke the minute someone touched you. The name… perplexed me at first. I pondered. I wondered.

And then I found out:

“To be honest we just had a list of names that we thought sounded cool. At the time that we got together a lot of bands were coming out with two word names like, Mouthpiece or Curbjaw, stuff like that. So we wrote a bunch of names and went down the list until we found one that stuck. I liked Swiftkick, but for some reason, Glassjaw stuck. There really wasn’t anything cool behind it.”

That was Daryl Palumbo, lead singer and head of GJ. A band that gives no fucks and just lets whatever is, be. I like it. The more that I delved into the band, I learned exactly why their fans were such die hards.

“…for me, he’s one of those musicians/singers that carries the weight of emotion in his voice. He could sing something completely nonsensical but the way in which he delivers could make me feel 1000 things at once. I saw Glassjaw live for the first time last year and seeing them live was a bucket list item for me. My heart chakra was aglow the entire set.” — Michelle Hirschinger

Blending powerful vocals that are wrenched with emotion, Palumbo and the rest of the band create these sonically epic moments that emotionally manage to cut to the root of the fans feelings. While many fans have grown up with GJ they still continue to pick up new fans of the generation with their screamo aeathetic, but I think that this show is going to be one where you look into the crowd and see the eyes of 30 somethings, filled to the brim with nostalgia.

Which sounds totally worth it to me.

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Olivia Monahan

July 13th, 2018

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One Comment

  1. Jay says:

    It was a good show.

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