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It’s a new dawn, new day and NEW LOVE with Cash Campain’s latest release.

Please bear with me a moment, I am about to once again reveal my age by sounding like the cranky old grandma telling kids to get off the lawn. With that said, trendy shit irks my nerves. Trendy shit usually starts with a fairly original idea, but when that idea takes flight in the minds of the consumers it is meant to target, that fairly original idea becomes an often duplicated template for the new wave of music.


Sza becomes popular for her somewhat quirky appearance, big ass crazy hair, atypical style, and the odd, almost breathy, sometimes nasal delivery. Intermingled with lyrics about relationships that are not considered the normal “A+B” concept.

What happens about a year or so after the first album hits? Well it starts to feel like more and more artists begin singing in her same style. A mimic or copy of the original product, but one that feels similar enough for some to earn the attention of audiences that may or may not . Eventually the trend that hits the airwaves like a BANG will fizzle out, droning on until a new trend emerges, and everyone shifts their focus.

Before you jump down my throat I actually like Sza. It’s the 902058309280 clones that rode her wave after that irked my soul.

Cash Campain rides no waves, rather he creates his own. His vibe feels refreshingly new, but his vibe definitely has an old soul. That becomes even more prevalent in the latest song “New Love” featuring the bars of Casey Cope and the beats of HokageSimon.

The song definitely lives up to the name. It gives you that light and bubbly feeling that you get when that new love first makes it’s way into your psyche. It leaves you uplifted, upbeat, and bobbing your head as you hum along. In less than four minutes, Cash, Casey and Simon bring that shit together seamlessly.

I took a minute to talk to Cash about the motivation behind the song. The answer was not quite what I expected.

Resident Stoner: “So like, where did this song come from? What is the inspiration behind it?”

Cash Campain: “The song was born around the same time that I found myself again. I was going through a fairly dark time period. I was focusing on the wrong things and wanting the right answers from it. Around the time I started to find the light again, Simon sent me the beat and it just came together from there. Casey and I are both members of the BadBoyGang but somehow, didn’t have a song together. so one day I had him come to the studio and we just vibed out until we had a finished product.”

RS: “So then what is the ‘New Love’ you are referring to in the song? Love of self, or….”

CC: “It’s more about the feeling. When you find someone, and that new love that grows between you can give you the feeling of sunshine after a storm, or a break in the downpour. I wanted to give folks a song that captured that feeling. It was what I needed at the time, so I figured it could be something that others might need at the time.”
New Love is definitely something that everybody needs.

Which is why the link is below. So you can get your needs met 😉

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Olivia Monahan

July 19th, 2018

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