Last Year They Ain’t Even Like the Bay — G Eazy x P Lo bring Endless Summer to Northern Cali

Gerald, aka G Eazy is one of the artists responsible for bringing the new sound of Bay hyphy to mainstream radio (whether you agree with it or not), with his latest album The Beautiful and The Damned officially hitting gold status earlier this year. Taking that success on the road, he is bringing the California leg of the Endless Summer tour to the Toyota Amphitheatre July 28th and young Paulo(P Lo), Symere(Lil Uzi Vert), Tyrone(Ty Dolla Sign) and YBN Nahmir are coming with him.

Fuck, I love P Lo.
Sorry. Distracted… let’s move on.
It took me a little time to warm up to G. His initial appearance was off putting, and it was a struggle for me to rectify him being a Bay rapper based on his aesthetic. I’m not a huge purist like some of the folks who appreciate the hyphy movement but I definitely don’t picture the rappers I know and love from the Bay rocking a Danny Zucco hair cut and matching bomber jacket.

It took me a while to give him a try, and it wasn’t until The Beautiful and Damned came out that I ended up being sold on his staying power.
Since the album first released, I started going back and taking a look at his career. Where he came from, where he is going — and there was one thing that I came to realize:

G Eazy is a loyal ass muthafucka.

Here’s the thing — we have all seen it happen. You get fame and it ends up hitting you one of two ways: you either remember where you came from and allow the influence to stay rooted and grow into your success — or you dismiss your roots as soon as the fame kicks in, and they die off before they get the chance to flourish in the shine.

G Eazy is the rooted type.

Going through his discography, from then to now there are a plethora of Bay area born and bred artists featured on his songs, on the production, and in the general influence in his life. Not only that, but he also features one hella other folks songs: From young Paulo, to Nef the Pharoah, to Caleborate and more… the Bay is in everything he does.
With the Bay being everywhere, it makes perfect sense that the supporting act for young Gerald is the even younger Paulo — his new album PRIME just dropped and is already making some waves. His style, being far more hyphy in it’s essence will act as a hyphy ass counter balance to the more mainstream vibes of G Eazy’s latest offering.

Sandwiched between the two will be Lil Uzi Vert and YBN Nahmir. If you break it down into components, it makes sense. You get the crowd RILED THE FK up with P-Lo:

Then bring them to a mild state of angered frenzy with YBN:

The crowd might be too much though after that? What can they do to set it up for a little cool down? Send us into a mild state of depression with Lil Uzi Vert, whose friends, if I remember, are all dead per his hit single:

How do you come up after that kind of come down? You make errybody wanna have a baby by throwing on the croon rapper himself, Ty Dolla $ign who is amazing live, as well as a big ass stoner — so he always has a special place in my heart.

THEN you hand the slightly confused, overly emotional crowd over to G Eazy, who comes in like a newly bleached blonde savior and gives you just the right amount of yee!

Honestly, if you like hip hop, if you like the Bay Area swag, if you like the opportunity to spend a Saturday night out at a show with a bunch of other folks who ALSO like hip hop and Bay Area swag, this is definitely worth the price of admission. Unlike a lot of major arena shows, this one almost seems to take people’s lives and wallets into account, as their ticket prices are pretty damn decent for three major headliners.

I’m stoked as fuck for this show.

Grab tickets while you can here:

I think it will sell out before the end of the week, so get on it.
Come say hi if you see me! (Preferably with a well rolled blunt in your hand)

Until then, you know where to find me:

IG: @thelivstyler

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Olivia Monahan

July 24th, 2018

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